Thursday, February 3, 2011

We're back

So, I've been without the Internet for quite some time. We have had A LOT happen since my last post. Unfortunately I have probably forgotten half of it and I am kicking myself for not being better at writing things down especially things about my girls. They are all so much fun right now and they all say and do the funniest, cutest things.
Here are a couple of their funnies;
"JAIL TIME" -We had squash for dinner and Dani had been very picky about trying food lately so I have been making her take one bite of everything. She was refusing to taste the squash so I told her that she needed to sit at the table until she took one bite. She sat there for about 20 min. and then said "mom, why don't you just call the police and have them take me to jail!" Then when she finally took the bite she started gagging and was pretty close to puking. I guess that she just doesn't like squash, I don't think that cleaning puke up is worth another try.
"Mrs. Orphanage"-The other night Dani and Abby kept getting out of bed. After about the 7th time I went in there with a plate of cookies and told them that if they got out of bed one more time I would throw the cookies in the garbage. Dani replied "do you know what I think? I think that we live in an orphanage!" I said "why do you think that?" She said "because you are so mean!" Then I said "goodnight, I love you" and as I was walking away she said "goodnight, Mrs. Orphanage!" I tried not to let it hurt my feelings that she thought I was as mean as Mrs. Hannagan on Annie.
"Stubborn kid" -On another fun night where Abby got out of bed about 10 times I had had it so I told her that she was going to get a hard spank if she got out again. Of course she did so I paddles her bottom pretty hard. She looked up at me and said "that didn't hurt"
"The Barber" -When Abby has a hard time falling asleep we usually find her snuggled up to her sleeping sister on the top bunk. She climbs up there so that she can hold Dani's hair while she sucks her thumb. On yet another sleepless night Abby snuck into the kitchen and got some scissors out of the drawer. She went into her room and got up onto the top bunk where her sister was sleeping and snipped a chunk of her long hair off. I found the lock of hair the next morning on Abby's bed. I guess that she decided it would be easier to just steal some hair instead of sleeping by her sister.
"Tetimony" Abby's favorite thing to do right now is to share her "tetimony". She will stand up on anything that is high like a bed, table, couch, or window sill and say "I like to bear my tetimony and continue on with all kinds of random things that she is thankful for and that she knows.
"Abby's prayers" Abby says the cutest prayers. She has all kinds of different prayers depending on her mood but she always says "we're thankful for President Monson and Uchtdor and Eyring" When we were working so much on our house she would always say "we're thankful for the mans" I never knew what she meant so I asked her one day and she said "all the mans that work on our house". She said "the mans that work on our house. She must have heard me say "I'm taking lunch to the men" all of the time.
"Demanding Baby" - Emily's thing lately is to demand things by saying "now!" She will come into the kitchen and say "Geen cup NOW" or "Cacker NOW" The other day she was sitting at the bar for lunch and she looked at me and said "Emmies bear NOW!" I tried to figure out what she was talking about and I could not think of what bear she could have been talking about. After her saying it over and over and me looking all over for a bear I finally said "I don't know what you are taking about." This resulted in her throwing herself on the ground in a screaming fit. (normal occurrence) She finally got over it. That night at dinner time she was sitting in the same spot and I heard her say "Emmies bear NOW!!!" again. I said "what bear Emily" and I got her down again and said "show mommy where the bear is" she went over to the fridge and pointed up to the bear that she made at story time that I had hung on the fridge. I got it down and she smiled big, took it and sat it by her plate, and carried it around with her the rest of the night. What a kid!!!
"Menicine" Emily loves taking care of her baby dolls. She carries them around, shares her pacifiers with them, feeds them, etc... Well Emily had a diaper rash and so we were putting cream on her bum when we changed her. She called it "menicine" and every time we changed her she would say "menicine on it" (she still does) and she doesn't give up until we get the "menicine" and put some on her. The other day I walked into her room to see that she had gotten the cream off of the dresser and smeared the gooey stuff all over her cloth babies bottom. I finally put the "menicine" up on top of the medicine cabinet after about the 3rd baby creaming!
"Emily's Colors" Emily is trying to learn her colors right now. I'll ask her which baby she wants when there are 2 in her crib and instead of pointing to one she says "orange baby" there really was a baby with an orange shirt on so I got it and that was the one that she wanted. (probably just a coincidence) she also refers to her pacifiers or "baba's" as "geen, lelllow, pink, or boo baba" she only has pink, green and orange baba's. We still have a little bit of work to do with learning colors :)

Our new / very old house; We finally moved into our house, (which we now refer to as "the money pit") we slept here for the first time on Christmas night :) I haven't blogged at all about the house because it has been all too overwhelming but I have taken tons of pictures and I'm sure that you will be seeing them shortly. In a nutshell, we bought a house that was built in 1901 back in August. The exterior walls are made out of adobe and all of the interior walls and ceilings were plaster until we knocked them all out and sheet rocked them. (which was not part of our original plan) After CRAZY amounts of work, outrageous amounts of our family and friends help, and a huge ulcer in Heston's gut,  it is livable! There is still a TON of work that needs to be done but we are just trying to enjoy it how it is right now and do the work when we can. The girls love our "new" house and it is very nice to be living in a place of our own.  Dani's favorite feature of the house is the cellar. She calls it our "secret room" We found it after we bought the house. It was quite the bonus feature I'll have to admit. I have all of my holiday decor, off season clothes, food storage, and other random stuff stored in it. We are really loving our new / old house!

I will start working on blogging Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything else that has happened in the last 3 months soon. Stay posted :)

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