Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend in Flagstaff

We came back to our house in Flag for the weekend to take care of some items of business and to do an open house. When we got here Dani said "is this OUR house?" I was thinking "yes, but hopefully not for long!" We just lowered the price by another huge chunk so hopefully it will sell. Abby is pulling herself up and standing these days. She feels so big and proud when she does it. Abby fell asleep like this on her daddy the other night. She looks like a little homeless baby. Oh, I guess she kind of is. Abby made a mess but she got ahold of a sippy cup. What a big girl! I finally hung the picture collage in Dani's room. Maybe it will help the house sell? :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Life in Thatcher!

Papa and Dani chillin on the couch. Abby helping Grandma organize her lace. Pat-a-cake! Eating corn on the cob. Sophie and Dani trying to get Becky to eat some jerkey. Grandma gave the girls some dress-up shoes! Dani's new toy! Dani thinks that Becky the dog is her new toy. That poor dog gets all kinds of things placed on top of her back. Here is one little game that Dani played with her. It's called; "empty the kitchen drawer and puteverything on Becky!" SORRY BECKY!

MOM and TOT's swimming lessons

Dani just finished 2 weeks of swimming lessons! The first 3 days she cried the entire time and by the end she was a little fish! (Although she still hates getting the water in her eyes) She had a swim bag with her Nemo toys in it that she brought with her every day. Grandma came to see her swim on her last day. Her favorite part was swimming in the shallow end by herself! She got to go down the big slide on the last day. First she went down with me and the next time she wanted to go by herself! She went down head first on her tummy all by herself! She got a certificate at the end. Good job Dani!

24th of July celebration!

We stood in the rain and watched the beautiful fireworks with our family! Watching the Fireworks. Abby and Dani loved them! Abby and Great-Grandma Howard keeping dry. Watching the parade with daddy. Great-Grandma,Abby, Dani, and Sophie. Watching the fireworks with Papa and Grandma. Going home soaking wet!

Aunt Carol's farm

Dani had so much fun seeing the chickens, goats, donkey, horse, duck and goose at aunt Carol's farm. She loved collecting the eggs and she wanted to touch all of the animals. Thanks aunt Carol!

Friday, July 25, 2008

FUN on the FOURTH!

Our 4th of July was filled with moving boulders, shoveling loads of rock, planting trees, plants, and flowers, and of course lots of entertaining little ones. I was pretty bummed that we didn't get to watch any fireworks. (they don't do them in Flagstaff at all) I love the feeling of watching beautiful fireworks while listening to patriotic music! I made up for missing them on the 4th when we got to see them in Thatcher on the 24th (for pioneer day). Two cute little teeth! Little sweetie! Sitting in the truck with all of the plants. Playing tug-a-war with beads. They are starting to play together and it is so much fun! Dani got some drivers-ed in. Grandma and Papa let her drive every time that we had to move one of the vehicles. She loved it! Those were some BIG boulders! I pretty much moved them by myself :) The final product! Now do you think that we could sell the stinking (beautiful) house???????

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Heston had some time off in between jobs so we decided to take a trip to Colorado. A couple of days after we got there we drove to Nebraska to visit my grandparents. We hadn't seen them for awhile so it was really fun to be with them. My Grandpa was cracking us up the whole time and my Grandma was feeding us delicious food all week. The men got a lot of work done to help my Grandma now that my Grandpa can't do much to help because of his health. It was fun to spend some more time with my family. Tyson and Dani had a blast playing with the kitty's, riding the tractor, swimming in the river, fishing in the pond, getting eaten up by mosquito's and playing in the house. It was so much fun to have the girls there on the farm where I have so many fond childhood memories.