Monday, November 30, 2009

Emily's new face!

Emily has been sticking her tongue out like this and drooling for the past few days. We figured out why.... She finally cut her two front bottom teeth and she is feeling them with her little tongue. Yay Emmie! What a cutie!

Friday, November 27, 2009


Turkey Trot! The Welker girls started a new tradition this year. We did the Turkey trot! It's a 5k (3.1 mile run) Amanda, Tara, Lacie, Mom, and I ran our little hearts out Thanksgiving morning! I forgot to bring my camera so we had to snap a couple of pictures when we got home and Amanda wasn't there :( Tara and I ran together the whole time. Thanks Tara, you inspired me to keep running when my breathing sounded completely horrific and scary, I felt like my stomach would come up my throat at any time, and I saw my life flashing before my eyes! It felt so good to be done and to have finished in less than 30min. (not much less, but it was less :) Looking forward to another fun run in 2011 girls! Maybe we could train a little bit for that one :)
We had Thanksgiving With the Welker's at Heston's Aunt and Uncle's house. (Linda and Jerry Brown) The boys enjoyed gathering around the TV and watching football for pretty much the entire time. I was tempted to take a picture of them in the TV room but I knew that it would annoy the majority of them (including, and mainly, my husband) so I decided against it. The food was awesome and the company was great! Thanks everyone for a wonderful Thanksgiving! Dani and Sophie were so happy to see each other when we arrived at the Browns house!!!
Sophie, Dani, and Molly.
Emily and Ridge.
Let them eat Pie!!!
Sam the Man! Tara helped me shove some food down Abby's little throat before she got a chance to run off and get into some more mischeif!
This face perfectly portrays the feelings in Dani's little heart when she finally got a piece of CHOCOLATE PIE!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Abby and Grandma!

Abby turned 2 on November 14th and Grandma Welker turned "39" on the 15th. We had a combined birthday dinner party for the two of them. Unfortunately all three of the girls had pink-eye so the cousins didn't get to come for the festivities.
Abby was so excited that it was her Birthday! She kept saying "my balloons", "my presents", "my cake!" We are all so excited to have a little TWO year old with a mind of her own!
And no, I did not make the balloon arch. Amanda and some of the Young Women made it for a young women in excellence and I asked them if I could use it. Thanks, it went perfectly with the rainbow theme :)
Tara and Jarom at the Birthday dinner.
Great Papa!
Abby sleeps with her pony or baby doll with hair every night so that she can twirl the hair in her ear while she sucks her thumb. She is rather fond of the ponies so I decided to make her a pony cake. She loved her "sparkly rainbow pony!"
Blowing the candles out!
More blowing! Grandma got some help. (and a little bit of granddaughter spit)
We all pitched in and got mom a porch swing!
Abby got play food from Grandma and Grandpa Colorado for the kitchen. She wanted to sit and spoon-feed Emily her fake hamburger bun.
Dani was all over helping Abby open presents!
Grandma and Papa gave Abby this cute little shopping cart and a little Cinderella doll with a matching nightgown. Great-Grandma and Papa Howard gave her the sparkly princess shoes. This little girl is in heaven! Who needs Christmas now?????
Rocking her baby in her nightgown.
Putting the baby to sleep.
Some fun Abby videos!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our little fairies.

Grandma and Papa helped us get the girls ready. Thank You, We love you!
Dani wanted to be a butterfly so we put antennas on her to make her a fairy - butterfly :) Cute little Abby!
Sweet little Emmie!
Tons of fairies!
Emily flying.
The girls with their nursery teacher Sister Sanders.
With Sophie.
With Maci.
Candy face!