Friday, February 4, 2011

Corn & Cotton field trip.

Dani's preschool had a field trip to learn about how corn and cotton are grown and processed. She had such a fun time. This was her second field trip ever so she was really excited to go. I had fun going with her too :) 

 The corn maze

 All of the little play group girls were in the same group.
 She learned a lot. (I think)
 Silly scarecrow
 Grinding corn.
 Grinding corn a different way

 Looking at the fish pond.
 On the hay ride

 Picking cotton.

 Learning about cotton.
 The cotton gin.
 The whole group!


Amy said...

What a great fieldtrip. Glad you are moved in and that it is livable! The journaling about your girls was so fun to read, Very Funny & Cute!

Maranda Whittle said...

Those stories on your last post were so funny! Happy late bday to Abby and Heston.