Sunday, November 2, 2008


Our family's costumes: Dani - Cute little fluffy lady bug. Abby -Adorable little baby lady bug. Heston - Hot farmer! Melissa - Pregnant Mom who has been in the hospital all night, put on strict bed rest for the whole weekend, and very disappointed to be missing this fun holiday with her family Heston and his sister Lacie took the girls to our ward's trunk-or-treat party. Dani saw her favorite nursery leader Sister Wright. Then they went to Great-Grandma and Grandpa's to trick-or-treat. Dani loved knocking on the door. Abby is already a pro. at opening candy! Dani didn't know what to do being in free reign of all of that candy. At Grat-Grandma's with all of Heston's cousins kids. Great-Grandma and Abby. Then they came trick-or-treating to our house. Thank you Aunt Lacie for taking the girl's out for a fun night! (And for dressing up like Farmer Heston's wife in my place :) More little cousins came over. Dani and Abby had already stripped down by then. We had to get a picture with Becky (the dog) who dressed up like a ladybug too.