Friday, February 4, 2011

Birthdays! Abby turns 3 & Heston turns 33

Our cute little Abba-goo had her 3rd birthday!

 She is such a fun little whipper-snapper! Abby really keeps us laughing constantly. She makes the funniest faces to try to make us laugh, Emily cracks up when Abby makes her funny faces so Abby always does them to make her sister laugh. When she is talking to a baby or anything little she gets this super high-pitched voice, tilts her head and says the sweetest things. She loves to sing and dance. She will just randomly break out in song with her high-pitched voice and it is usually made up and doesn't make a whole lot of sense but "Jesus" or "Heavenly Father" are usually always part of the song. We love our little Abby SO much!

 Sophie gave her some rocks for her birthday. These girls love rocks!

 Heston's stuffed mushroom cake! We celebrated Abby and Heston's Birthdays together because the girls and I were in Colorado on Heston's birthday. He stayed behind so that he could work on our house. You may notice the tiredness in this wonderful man's face. That is because for the past 3 months he had been working his hiney off building our house from the inside out. He was either at the house or at work every day/night until 12,1,or 2:00am every night. What a guy! Love you Hest, you're the Best!
Abby loves the shrooms too!
 The morning of her birthday Abby took her position as Queen of the boxes and sang "Happy birthday" to herself!
 Our house was kind of a huge mess because it was almost completely packed up for our move. That didn't ruin any of our fun though!
 Jarom, Tara, Lacie, Sam, Tiffany, Branson, Sidney, Amanda, Dustin, Sophie, Lillie, Grandma and Papa Welker and Grandma Howard all came to the Birthday Bash!

 It was a Birthday miracle! This cute little white kitty showed up at our house and stole the show!
The kitty wanted inside so badly to play with the girls that he would climb up our screen door over and over again crying and crying. His climbing skills were very impressive!
Saying bye-bye to Sidney.
Ila Mae and Abigail Mae. Abby loves Great-Grandma Howard!

It's my party I can lick the frosting off of the cake if I want to!

 She snuck up on the counter right before bed and dug in!

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