Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jolly June

JUNE...... was a LONG time ago, I know. But I did take a bunch of pictures in June and we
did have quite a bit going on so here it goes.... We did a little bit of swimming.
Emily displayed her knowledge of the uses of the remote control. (and yes, she is wearing Halloween PJ's in June:)
Emily and her hunch-back mother are working on the computer. Heston got an old keyboard for the little monsters to play with when they insist on crawling all over us while we are at the computer. What a brilliant husband I have!

The girls found a huge spider by our house and Heston caught it in a jar. He told them that they should probably let it go. Dani wanted to take it to the land of Honalee (a place down by the river that she thinks looks like the land of Honalee from the "Puff the Magic Dragon" stories that Heston tells her) We took a Ranger ride down there to let the spider go to find it's family.

Our neighbors came over for a "girls night" we painted nails, watched movies, did hair, and ate popcorn. Hard to beat that. Except for the clean-up job... popcorn everywhere!

Dani went to bed IN her bed and when I went to check on her she was like this on the floor.
Abby had a complete breakdown in the bath tub so I gave her the "quick bath" and got her pj's on and sat her in her rocking chair. About 3 minutes after I left the room I walked back in to find this!
Exhausted Abby!

Sleep-over with Sophie.
For the past several months, when I am in the kitchen cooking, Dani's favorite thing to do is to empty the utensil drawer and fill my back pockets with spatulas, spoons, measuring cups, ladles,can-openers, etc... It must be a way for her to express herself artistically or something. Anyway, this time she added a pair of panties to the masterpiece and she thought that it was hilarious! She asked me if she could take a picture of it...and here it is. Maybe I have a little artist on my hands, and a photographer for that matter :)

Grandma and Grandpa celebrated their 60th wedding Anniversary. The whole family was there! Out of 17 great-grand-children there are 14 girls and only 3 boys!!!

Our littlest ball of Attitude!
The girls love to climb up on the elliptical trainer and look out the front window. I used to be pretty paranoid about little Emily climbing up there but she did it so much that I finally gave up.

we signed Dani up for a 1 week class of KARATE! She loved it! Parker was in her class and they were little buddies who stuck together.
My favorite part was when they learned that if a stranger comes up to them they are supposed to stick their fists up and yell "STRANGER! STRANGER! GO AWAY!!"  Dani and Abby practiced that move for weeks to follow the class :) You go girls!!!

The next week Dani took a dance class. She loved it too. Molly and Talley (Heston's cousin's little girls) were in the class with her. They did a little performance on the last day for all of the parents. Dani did a great job!

Father's day breakfast in bed.

Tara's bridal shower!!! We had a fun "owl" themed shower for Tara. We are so excited for her and we love Jarom!!!
These sisters are so good at sharing.... everything! I have caught them sharing the toilet several times.

Cute little prncess' having a movie party.
Abby got her face pretty banged up once again. She is still pretty happy and super cute! Here is a good shot of her "cheese" face.