Friday, May 30, 2008

Random cuteness

The other day I was doing laundry and Abby was in on Dani's bed while Dani was playing in her room. Dani kept running back and forth from her room to Abby's room and I wondered what she was up to. When I went in to check on them I found Abby like this. Dani had, of course, unbuttoned Abby's jammies (that is a given) and she had gotten a bunch of Abby's shoes and was trying them all on her.

Dani was yelling for me the other day and I found her at the bottom of the stairs in this box with my slippers on. She said "Momma I want a ride!" So we did a couple of rounds around the kitchen. How could I resist this cutie?

Gotta love the boots with the jammies.

Hugs in the bath!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dancing Queen

*** Pause the music at the bottom before you watch this so that you can hear her cute little noises. Our little Abby does this little dance every time that her diaper is taken off. I think that she likes to feel the carpet tickle her bum. I tried to censor the best that I could (using some of Dani's big girl panties) but she just doesn't dance as well if she's not buck naked. So, here is the semi-censored version. Sorry for the random flashes.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

We went to Colorado!

The girls and I had a great trip to Colorado last week. We went up a week early to help my parents prepare for Tiffany and Branson's open house. The plane ride up there was a little crazy because I had the two girls by my self and I forgot the carrier for Abby. Luckily I sat next to an angel on the plane who is about to become a Grandma and she held Abby for the entire flight! This really came in handy during the 2 times that I filled barf bags because the flight was sooo bumpy. Deb was Heaven sent! She even carried Abby to Baggage claim and helped me until I found my dad. We did a lot of decorating and the kids had a ton of fun playing together all week. Friday night when Tiff and Branson got there we all went up to a cave in the mountains to go spelunking. Grandma and Grandpa stayed at home with ALL SEVEN of our little ones! We were all a little nervous about how they would hold up. We had so much fun in the cave. I went on all of the drops except for the "bridge" as Nate has named it. I avoided that one because when Heston first came to Colorado in 2001 we went there and I fell 20 ft. on the "bridge" so I decided to pass this time. It was so much fun to be with my family. There isn't anything more fun then just hanging around the house with all of those adorable little kids and watching the cute (and sometimes not so cute) little things that they do together.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Where is the SUMMER???

When we went to bed last night at about 1:00am. it was lightly snowing.(We couldn't stop watching "Lost" it is so addictive it is making me crazy!)

This morning we woke up to this!!!!

It is still snowing and yes, it really is MAY 23rd!!!! I guess that my girls won't be getting much use out of their cute summer clothes this year.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Always having fun!

I caught our little piro-maniac red-handed with her daddy's hat on the other day. I was relieved when I found that she was trying to eat the matches and not light them. Dani decided that it would be fun to strap herself into her booster seat and walk around with it attached to her bottom. It was nice because she could walk ant then sit down and take a rest for awhile. She did this for about 45 minutes the other day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Big Bellied Girls!

Last night Dani totally pigged out at dinner. She kept asking for more and more and more. She hasn't been eating much at all for the past 2 weeks so Heston and I were cracking up at her appetite! She was running around dancing after dinner and she lifted her shirt up. Her belly looked like it was going to pop! We discovered that she has a total outie when she eats a bunch.

Abby ate a lot too!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sneaky little girl!

Dani is getting to be quite the sly little girl. On Friday night Heston and I put her down for the night and we started to watch season 1 of "LOST" (We never watched it on TV and I will have to admit that I am a TOTAL addict now!) Anyway, at about 11:30pm Heston said "did you hear that?" I thought that he was just trying to freak me out because he knows that I get all jumpy during movies like that. He paused the movie and said "Dani?" only to hear a little voice reply "I waked up daddy". She really had never gone to sleep! She was upstairs for about 3 hours just doing whatever she pleased! I went up to check out the damage and lucky for us, it was minimal. She had gotten into the drawer of stickers and stuck them all over my bow making box. She took all of my bow stuff out but she put it all back in the box too. She was mostly reading books and playing with her kitchen in her room.

Then, this morning at about 6:00am I woke up to her slamming my bedroom door. I went out to find her with her PJ's off and her princess shirt (that was hanging in her closet) half way on. The TV was on and she was just hanging out watching TV. Who knows for how long.

When I tried to take a picture of her she said "No momma, don't take a smile!"

She made this piece of art out of the crust of her toast (which she refuses to eat as much as I try to convince her that it's yummy) Sh said "look mom, it's a elephant" then she made the elephant noise making her arm into a trunk.

Family drive

We have been taking quit a few little nature drives lately. It is so beautiful here and we figure since we are not finding a job here that we probably won't have very much longer to enjoy it. We always tell Dani to look out of the window and try to find a deer like Bambi. She is very disappointed when she doesn't see one. Now, almost every time that we get in the van she says "let's go find some deer"!! Usually we have to tell her that the deer are sleeping and she still insists that we try to find them.
So, we took a little drive over to Mormon Lake and Lake Mary on Friday evening. Heston brought his binoculars because there are usually elk around the lake. We saw a big heard and so we pulled off of the road so Heston and Dani could scope them out. Hopefully this will fulfill her "deer" needs for awhile.

Dani really enjoyed the lake. She kept trying to walk right into the water. She found a fishing bob and she kept throwing that and rocks into the lake. She really didn't want to get back into the car.

Abby, as always, was just as happy as can be!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Modbe swimming suits

So, It's been 8 years since I've bought a swimming suit. I have done quite a bit of research and I have narrowed it down to a couple of Modbe ones. I love that they are really long and high (in the nick line) so you don't have to worry about falling/hanging out when you are chasing the little ones around. I know that they are a little pricey but so are all swimming suits and I haven't been able to find any in the stores that are long and or high.

I found out that the only rep. here in Flag is actually a girl that I know from my ward. I am ordering some for myself and several of my sister-in-laws. It saves in shipping if we all order together that's why we are going in on it as a team. If anyone else wants to jump on and order with us I will be coming to Phoenix several times, to Colorado several times, and of course Thatcher too so I could bring them to you. The link to the site is;