Monday, February 7, 2011

Colorado Thanksgiving!

The Girls took a trip to Colorado without our daddy for Thanksgiving :( 
He stayed and worked his tail off on our house to try to get it ready for us to move in.
The plane ride was nice on the way there because we sat in the back row and I just left the bathroom door opened while I took Dani and Abby potty several times each. I asked the other one to "watch" Emmy while I was helping the one in the awesomly amazing airplane potty!

 Dani was so excited to go on the airplane!
 Abby's just excited about everything!
 Emily was just being silly.
 Our independent little baby had to walk by herself and push her suitcase just like her big sisters.

 Grandpa Colorado picked us up at the airport in Colorado Springs. Glad that I brought that stroller since Emily refused to sit in it by throwing a huge fit and causing quite the scene, resulting in me giving up and strolling the backpack through the airport!
 We went to Shonn and Ticia's first and Abby and Anna were so excited to see each other! They hugged like this for about 5 min. on the front porch!
 We had a combo birthday party for Abby and Sophia. Ticia made these cute decorations.
  Emily and Grandma having a "ball!"
 All of the "big" cousins watching a movie.
 The two Blondie's
 Grandpa with sweet Ryan.

 Ryan and his awesome mom!
 Cute baby Sophia!
 Dani loves these cousins!
 Ticia and Sophie
Abby got to have a second birthday party. This is the first time that we have celebrated one of the girls birthday's with the Colorado cousins. It was so much fun!
 The two birthday girls blowing out their candles.

 Opening presents.
The best present that Abby could ask for is some nice soft hair to hold while she sucks her thumb!
 Grandma and Ry-Ry.
 We were so happy that we got to be there for Ryan's blessing. It was such a beautiful blessing for a precious little baby.
 We didn't get a picture in his blessing outfit because he was ready to get out of it before we got to the lunch. Here he is on his blessing day though. He is so stinking cute!

 Sunday afternoon game of "break the ice"

Playing memory with Grandma Colorado.
 Abby found a fun wig.
Then she conked out wearing it (of course she was twirling it while she sucked her thumb)
Abby taking a nap with Grandpa.
 SCARY SHONN- Emily had a very strange fear of her uncle Shonn. Shonn tried to win her over time and time again and nothing that he did made her tolerate his presence. If he came anywhere near her she would either run or start giving dirty looks and moaning. If she was ever asked if she wanted uncle Shonn she would reply "NO" before the question was completed.
 Grandpa trying to talk her through some things. Didn't work.

 I don't know, maybe she doesn't like playing pirate? It is a mystery to us all where this extreme dislike comes from. I guess that we should print off some pictures of Shonn and hold some "I love Shonn therapy sessions" before our next trip.

 These two are too cute!
The three amigo's
HOT CHOCOLATE!! We got a lot of this warm treat while we were there. Dani put in a request every time that we even got a little bit cold outside. And Grandma was always all over that!
More "break the Ice" Abby doesn't look like she's too happy.
 Dani loves sleeping in sleeping bags at Grandma's house. The second night that we were there she asked Grandma if she could sleep in the sleeping bag every night. Grandma said "sure" so she did almost every night. She even slept on top of the coffee table in her sleeping bag a couple of nights because she thought that it was cool and fun. I tried to discourage it because it made my back hurt thinking about it but she loved it.
 Tiffany brought her dental instruments and changed the bands on mom's braces while we were there.
More games. Go Em!
SWEET STORY - Poor little Isaac got his hand smashed in the door and was really hurt and sad. At home when someone gets hurt Dani always brings her blanket to them and whatever else she really values at that time to help them to feel better. She went and got her favorite bear, a pillow, a book, and a blanket for him. Then she sat by him and tried to comfort him. I feel so blessed to have such a sweet, tender little girl.

Grandma cuddling her babies.
Messy eating babies!

Dani loves her Grandpa!
SNOW?  Dani was so excited at the first spotting of snowflakes. She got all bundled up and went outside to check it out. Unfortunately it didn't snow very much while we were there.

 It snowed enough to write her name on the driveway but I had to tell her about 5 times that she couldn't eat it. She loves to eat snow!
 We went out on an extremely cold day to feed the ducks  and geese because the girls really wanted to.
 They had a blast at first.

 Then the coldness set in.

 So we got in the car and cranked the heat up to thaw out those little purple hands and we hurried home to some hot cocoa!


 This foam pit was the favorite thing for the whole gang. It really was fun to jump into!
 They loved going down the slide int ithe foam. Even Emily and Sidney loved it!
 Dani liked jumping in. Tyson did back flips off of this block into the pit. He's only 4 months older than Dani and a little daredevil!

 Emily liked to be chucked into the foam.
Grandpa held Ryan while we played.

 Tyson the little monkey.

 Abby liked the baby toys.

 Emily was really good at hanging on.

 Abby thought that she was so big.
 I know that this picture is blurry but I had to show how much Abby loved the trampoline. They only allowed one child at a time on it and she always wanted to stand in line. I think she liked having everyone's attention :)
 Watching a movie.
 Sleeping through a movie.
 Sidney and Grandpa
My Grandpa!...No, My Grandpa!
 So adorable!
 Fun cousins!
 PIE TIME!!! These yummy pear pies that Monica made stole the show.

 It's a tradition in our family that the sisters and Mom make the Thanksgiving pies together long into the night as we blast the Christmas music and sing our lungs out! It was a blast girls! ...and the pies were pretty tasty too :)
 The basket weave that took way too long.
 Our "X and O" chocolate pie.

 THANKSGIVING MORNING - Monica invited Tiff and I to go to her P90-X class at her gym on Thanksgiving morning. We went and let's just say that us Arizona girls had an extremely hard time breathing and were very close to puking a couple of times. We like to blame it on the high altitude. It sure was fun though! When we got back the boys went and played in the "Turkey bowl". (Heston was very sad to miss out on the Colorado Turkey Bowl.)
 The kids entertained themselves while we got dinner ready.

 Ready for the feast!
 The best Thanksgiving Chef in the entire universe!! I dream about this ladies Thanksgiving dinner!

 Abby loves to squeeze her body through the stair rail because I tell her not to. Hopefully this phase will pass soon, her mom is getting really exhausted of it.

The twin sister-in-laws made the rolls.
 Nate fell asleep with Ryan and held him while Monica ate her dinner. What a sweet Daddy.
 The kids table
 Waiting for pie.

Dani's not a big pie fan but she always loves Ice cream!
Looking for more!
All of the babies had these matching Thanksgiving jammies but I only got a picture of these two.

 More Hot Chocolate.

 Baby Ryan getting ready to go out in the cold.

 Abby asking for help in the potty.

My brothers playing "toss the kid"
 Emily's cute praying face.
 SAYING GOODBYE!!! - So sad to say goodbye. We won't see them again for 8 months!! Totally the lamest thing ever!

Sophia is going to really miss us!

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FUN!!!! Your girls are great little travelers and I love how you live it up over the holidays!