Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fun day at the park!

Dani and I get to make many trips to the park throughout the week. Dad got to come with us this time! It is very close to our house and will be even closer to our new house. The weather is just perfect right now too.

Dani is always super excited about the swing and the big slide. She won't even mess with all of the little slides any more, she's too cool for those. She goes down all by herself and she feels so big! Then she climbs up the stairs by herself and goes again, and again, and again.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

18 months old!

We got Danis 18 month pictures taken by a lady in our ward. She was in a pretty serious mood so the smiles didn't flow quite as much as we would have liked but we thought they turned out pretty darn cute anyway.

Our little Baker tried to measure everything correctly.

Doh!!! It was only supposed to be 9 cups of flour! Oh well, it still tastes pretty yummy!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Picture time!

Heston loves it when I make him take pictures with me :) I figure we aren't going to have any professional pictures taken until after the baby comes so this is all that we will have. This picture was taken in his parents back yard in Thatcher. His Grandpas cotton field is behind the wall. It is very green at this time of year. Melissa and her Girls. Dani is pretty confused about the baby being in my tummy. She would rather try to look for my belly button then talk about the baby.

Another fun weekend in Thatcher

Grandma Welker put Dani in the sink to play. Dani loves water and her favorite thing to do with wet washcloths is to stick them in her mouth and suck the water out of them. She has done this since she was very little. It kind of grosses me out when she does it in the bath but it hasn't killed her yet so I have gotten over it.

Dani had fun un- watering the tree at Great-Grandpa and Grandma Howards house. She thought that she needed to play with the hose and water herself more than the tree needed to be watered. Once again, the girl loves water!

Heston took Dani for a ride at his grandparents house. She loves being outside and she LOVES her Dada!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Tired time

Our little sleepy girl was carrying her little pillow around when she plopped down on the floor and said "night-night". What a cutie!

Coppertone baby!

Dani helped Papa water the lawn. She started off with her clothes on and after she drenched herself Grandma stripped her down. She LOVES to play in the hose!

Fun at Papa and Grandmas

We love it when Papa reads to us!
Danis first piano lesson. Good form!
Dani and Sophie watching a movie or "moshie" as Dani would say.

Two little clean girls! These little cousins take baths together often. It is always good until they both want the same toy. They love to run around naked after they get out. (and we love to watch them because they are so dang cute!)

The tractor with Grandma

Dani is infatuated with tractors and she got to go and sit on some of Grandpa Howards with her grandma. She didn't want to get off. She was holding the dirty steering wheel so much that her little hands turned black. So much fun at Grandmas house!

The last Welker wedding reception

Lacie and Sams reception was on Saturday night and two hours before the party it started pouring down rain! We had to move all of the tables and chairs under the patio and carport and go with plan "B". It turned out to be a beautiful, cool night and we had a lot of fun. Dani loved watching all of the people, dancing, and eating (especially the cake!).