Sunday, August 3, 2008

Swinger and Stripper

These videos are kind of long but I think that they are so much fun. I am mostly putting them on for my family in Colorado to see and if anyone else is really interested. Dani is the craziest little stripper girl these days. I swear that I have to help her get re-dressed at least 10 times in a day! She loves to be naked! This video was taken right after she ate and she has the hugest belly - it is so cute! And, as always, Abby is her happy little self. Dani put her swimming suit on by herself in this video. She is quite the little dare-devil wouldn't you say?

Fun Footage

Dani has become quite the little singer lately. She amazes us with how she knows all of the words to so many songs. I had to bribe her a little bit as you will see on the last video because she doesn't like to preform for the camera. Abby has been crawling for a couple of weeks now. Here is some footage of her first crawling days. Dirty diapers are always enticing to her.