Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas dresses

Grandma Welker bought the cutest Christmas dresses for the girls. Aren't they adorable!!!??

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Grandma gave us all fun Christmas Jammies on Christmas Eve. The girls showed off their PJ's on a mound of presents!
Abby was ready to go look at Christmas lights!
She was also in the mood for some smoochin' with Uncle Sam.
Blowing kisses!
Sophie's big smile!
Abby's "chill" pose.
Tara Lou!
Trying to keep warm in the back of the truck.
Extreme close-up! Look at those beautiful teeth!
We went to watch Santa sleeping. (it's a Welker tradition) Dani was fascinated!
Daddy was more surprised than Dani to see Santa at one of the houses!
Abby was not happy about being in her car seat until Santa gave her a candy cane. When we got home Grandma made a ginger bread house with Dani and Sophie.
They loved licking the frosting and eating the candies.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning the girls were very considerate and let us sleep until about 7:00am! Then we all woke up and waited behind the "Christmas Curtain" to see if Santa really came! The suspense was building up fast for the girls!
When we finally got to enter the living room Dani found that her every wish had come true and Santa really did bring her the princess dresses that she had been wishing for!
Santa brought Abby a laughing Elmo. She was more entertained watching her sister than she was with her gift.
Opening the stockings.
Grandma and Papa made a marble racer for the girls. They loved playing with it!
Dani got Dora panties and a Dora shirt that talked. She insisted on putting them both on right away!
Sophie got a Snow White dress and so did Dani and Abby. (Thanks aunt Amanda!)
Dani and Abby were thoroughly intrigued with Sophie's new doll house!Abby got a new baby cabbage patch doll and she loved on it for about 5 minutes. It was so cute!
We gave Mom and Dad a new camping stove!
Tara's hot new dress!
Sam got a watch!
Heston got some new basketball shoes!
Dani got a Doctor kit and she has spent the last week getting our monies worth out of it. It was well worth the investment with the hours of entertainment that it has provided!
She had to check everyone in the family out!
Our little Doctor wore herself out! That afternoon she totally conked out in the middle of the living room!
Dani lookin' hot in her new too-too that Grandma Stahlecker made for her.
We went to Grandma Howard's for breakfast. She's showing off her new cell phone!
Dani played outside with all of the little cousins. She had a blast!
Then her and Sophie dressed up in her new dresses.
And then she convinced her daddy to be the Doctor. She is an excellent patient who holds very still! I can't stand how cute she is!

Quick trip to Mesa before Christmas

Heston and I made a Quick trip to Mesa to see my sister and brother the weekend before Christmas. I also got to see Amy and Emily and all of their little girls. The girls had fun playing together while their mommies got to catch up. Thanks hoochies! It was tons of fun!
Hoochie Mamma's!
We also got to see my brother Jake, Adam and Leah. It was nice to see them too.
We hung out with Tiff and Branson too! They played a fun balloon game with Dani and she had a blast! She loved chasing the balloon after it shot way up high in the sky. The weather was absolutely beautiful too!
Abby loved watching the balloon game!
Dani tried out all of the fun toys.
And she tried to catch her favorite chicken.
Abby and I picked delicious grapefruits from their tree. And we have been thoroughly enjoying them ever since!