Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kauai Part II

We went on a helicopter tour of the whole island. We took some pictures from the helicopter. it was one of the newest, quietest helicopters and it was pretty much all windows (even the floor) It was awesome
except for....

Me getting SUPER air sick and puking. I got a little toy helicopter for the girls out of it. Totally worth it!

This book was our bible on our trip, it is a must if you ever go to Kauai! We found all of our adventures, entertainment, and food in this book. And pretty much every other person that we saw there who was on vacation, had this book.

After the helicopter ride we went to this little restaurant that the book highly recommended. Heston was in heaven! I still couldn't look at food.

Heston fell in love with this restaurant the first time that we ate there. He said that it was the best dish that he had ever eaten. Then he craved it the rest of the week. We ate there again the last night that we were there and he was ticked because the dish that he ordered was flavorless. It pretty much ruined the next 4 hours of his life. That man is passionate about his food!

This is a picture of our room. I loved the decor in our condo. I didn't get a picture of the kitchen and living room area bur they were really nice too. My favorite part of our place was the washer and dryer - we put it to good use with all of our sandy stuff!
We caught a pretty sunset. We never stayed on the West side of the island long enough to get an ocean sunset. I was kind of bummed about that but I got over it.
We did a ton of snorkeling. The last time that we went we found 8 sea turtles who were munching on the coral. we sat and watched them for about 30 min. They were super fun to watch. Heston got so close to one that he touched it's shell. We wished that we had an under-water camera so we could have shown our girls.
We always felt retarded trying to get into the water with our huge flippers on. There is just not anything graceful about this!

Wailua Falls (173 ft.- taller than Niagara Falls) Our Favorite Waterfall!!!!!
Our book told us that we could hike to the bottom of it. This sign was at the top of the trail. We went anyway.

There was another couple down there and I asked them if they would snap a couple of pictures when we swam across the little lake and tried to climb behind the waterfall. He did a super zoom and snapped this one! It was so wet back there and it was really hard to see because of the splashing water. Everywhere that we would look had little rainbows and there was tons of bright green moss everywhere. Can you see us behind the water?

Heston Jumped from the top of the waterfall!  
So did I!!!! (or not!) Neither of us really jumped. that would have been suicidal. It really was a HUGE waterfall! Pretty good photography though huh???? : ) Shave ice #6??

After a 6 hour plane ride where we lost 3 hours and flew ALL night long, then a 3 hour drive home.........
We finally made it home to see our girls! Dani probably missed us the most, Abby was super happy to see us, Emily was pretty much just ticked off at ME! Yeah, she wouldn't even look at me for about an hour. When I tried to pick her up she would push me away from her and growl. I'll have to admit that my feelings were a little crushed because I missed that little baby so much. She got over it and is back to being attached to her mommy again.
We got the girls little ukuleles from Wal-mart in Kauai. Dani slept with hers the first 2 nights and she carries it around and sings random songs. We asked her to sing a song for us while we were driving somewhere and she said in all seriousness "I can't cause I don't have my k'tar."
This is a picture of the fort that my mom made for them. They slept in it every night and every nap after they had constructed it. It took up our entire room. They had a blast with Grandma!
They colored a bunch of pictures for us and hung them on the garage door. 
A couple of nights after we got home Heston was getting Abby ready for bed and she grabbed his hand and said "Dadda your hands all dirty?" She was pointing to his brown suntanned skin :)
Thank you again mom! Or should I say "SUPER GRANDMA!?"
We went to this Awesome waterfall where some of the locals hung a huge rope swing from one of the trees. There were tons of people there and most of them were just watching these local boys who were some of the biggest dare-devils I have ever seen. We didn't get much of their craziness on video but they definitely made my heart stop a couple of times with the way that they jumped along those cliffs and climbed way up high in the trees and then hung upside down by their legs and fell into the water! This was a blast!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 9 year anniversary!

May 18th marks 9 years of bliss-full joy and love! Happy anniversary my love. We miss you girls!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


We are in beautiful Kauai for our anniversary. Thanks to Melissa's mom who is watching our three little girls for us. We have been doing a LOT of hiking, snorkeling, boogie-boarding, sight-seeing, eating, and relaxing. Every time Melissa sees a little child she gets weepy for a minute or two and we miss our girls but we really are having a blast with each other! It is absolutely beautiful here!
This is our fun rental Jeep! We have had some fun 4 wheeling in it!
Queen's bath
Na' Pali coast - View from the top of the mountain.
View from our back door. You can't really see but the whole open space through the trees is ocean. It's really fun to eat breakfast out there!
Jane, is that you???
We hiked for 5 hours to see this waterfall. Our guide book referred to this hike as the Indiana Jones hike. We got lost in the jungle several times. The trail was extremely hard to follow. Finally for the last couple of miles we just gave up and hiked with our water shoes up the stream since we knew that it would lead us to the waterfall. It was well worth the leg gouge that went all the way to Heston's shin bone that he got from slipping on a rock while we were crossing the stream. We didn't see another person the entire time that we were hiking. It was so nice to have some romantically, peaceful time alone on our anniversary. (if you call sweating, getting lost, getting your leg gouged, getting mosquito bites all over, and walking through spider webs with the freakiest looking spikey spiders you've ever seen romantic)
Some of the hike was through all of this thick bamboo. It was so cool!
To Dani & Abby from Daddy