Monday, March 21, 2011

Christmas 2010!!!

On Christmas Eve we went on a drive to see Christmas lights. (Welker family tradition) We took all of the seats out of our van and all piled in.

Grandma was tickling Emily and she was cracking up!
Abby's got to have that thumb!
Sam and Lacie.
Tara and Jarom.
We drove out to see this house that was in the newspaper. They had more lights than I have ever seen at a house. They had a yard ornament of every kind of Disney or cartoon character that you could imagine and most of them moved. When we got there Dani said... "Um, I think that I actually really want to live here!"

Another Welker family tradition is to go and see the sleeping Santa in the window of a store on Main street.

Dani didn't want to leave.

We went to a really neat nativity production
The girls sat on Sister Wright's lap and watched the nativity.
Abby sat on Aubrie's lap.
It was so neat. Mary rode in on a real donkey and the children did such a great job. It was the perfect ending to our Christmas eve.
on the way home the girls wanted to walk part of the way to Grandma's house so Lacie and Grandma walked with them. We thought that it was a good idea to really wear them out so they would fall asleep easier. Jarom thought that it would be funny to hide and scare them. It worked. They were pretty scared.
Here is what we all woke up to on Christmas morning.
Waiting behind the sheet.
The anticipation is rising!
Pillow pets for everyone!!!!
Abby was most excited about the makeup in her stocking.
Emily loved the train set. She played with it all morning.
Abby trying out the pillow pet.
Dani and Sophie joined her.

Tara and Jarom's first Christmas!

Sam and Lacie
Jarom got a rifle.
Heston gave me tickets to Wicked!

Heston got tools!
We gave Dad a gun safe.
Mom got a sewing table.
Branson made this dragon for the girls room because Heston tells them "puff the magic dragon" stories every night. What a talented uncle these girls have!
Emmie got a baby from Grandma and she LOVED it!

Sam got more hunting gear.

Emily got a princess potty and Lillie took it over.
Then they decided to share.
Chocolate face on the potty.

More Potty time.

Tickling Jarom.
Abby tried out her makeup.