Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ice cream stop in Colorado

On our drive up to estes Park there was this little ice cream shop and we stopped to give the kids a little break. The kids loved the ice cream and the got to run around a little bit too. Dani and Tyson would do anything for some of that yummy ice cream!

We had a great time with the family in Colorado. The first day we went on a little day hike at Roxburrough State Park. It was beautiful. We saw 2 deer along the trail. Dani and Tyson walked for the first quarter of the hike and after that took us almost an hour we decided that they should go in the backpacks.
That night Heston and I went out to dinner with my friends from high school and then over to one of their houses for dessert - it was really nice to get to catch up with them.
The next morning we went to Estes Park and enjoyed watching tons of Elk doing their bugling nioses and fighting over their women. We also went downtown and walked around looking at the fun little shops. It was a great trip and it was fun to see Grandma, Grandpa, Nate, Monica, Tiffany, Tyson, and baby Mikey (for the first time).

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lots of fruit!

We ordered a big box of pears and some peaches and apples from Utah with this lady from our ward. The fruit was absolutely delicious and we were able to can and dehydrate a lot of it so we can continue enjoying it through the winter. Amanda and I had a jam making party one night and made a bunch of strawberry and peach jam. I canned most of the peaches and dehydreated the pears and apples. The dried pears are like eating candy - YUM!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Hot Stuff!

Dani thought that she was so Big walking around in her moms shoes after church on sunday.
Dani played peek-a-boo with her messy hands and made it that much more fun for her mom to clean her up after lunch. Good thing she is so cute!
Dani lets us know when she is done eating and if we don't get her out quickly she yells "all done! all done! all done!"

Dani and Sophie wearing another cute outfit that grandma bought them.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Danis new cousin - Anna Stahlecker

Isaac holding baby Anna. 5lb 14oz born September 10th.
Kate, Ticia, and Anna
Sweet little baby Anna. She will only be a couple of months older than our new little baby girl. We are so excited for these cousins to grow up with each other! We can't wait to see all of them and meet Anna for the first time in 7 months when they return from Santiago Chile!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dani's latest adventures

Dani has had a hard time sleeping for the past week or so. I have had to put her down for her naps 2 days this week on our bed. I make a pillow cage since she is the wildest sleeper and I don't want her to fall off of our very tall bed in her sleep. She fell asleep with her little kitty the other day. So cute!

Dani helped her mom make bread. Her mom said she was done when she somehow got dough all over the rug and herself. She kept saying "dirty".

Dani loves to put shoes on. She does it all day long. She comes to me and says "shoes on" so I have to get her some shoes to wear. She found these and went ahead and put them on the wrong feet. She gets the right feet about 75% of the time. She also loves to go to my closet and bring my shoes to me and say "momma, shoes on". So I have tried most of my shoes on many times in the last couple of weeks. They all still fit. By the way Paul and Alissa, Dani found Gracies other shoe :)

Playing with friends

Dani and Sophie showed up to the sandbox wearing the same onesie. They didn't even call each other that morning to arrange it. Dani loves playing with Sophie and she talks about her all day long.
These little girls are crazy about movies! They are like their daddys when they are watching sports.

We had our good friends Paul and Alissa come and visit us last weekend. Their little girls Addie and Grace played so cute with Dani. She is still talking about them. We went downtown to the park and there was a car show and little festival going on so we walked around. They live in Mesa so they were glad to get out of the heat and enjoy our absolutely perfect weather.

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Labor Day Camping

We spent Labor Day camping with Hestons family. Heston purchased a HUGE tent for us to start using when we camp and it was wonderful! His sister Tara calls it "Hotel Heston". We got a heater to put in it and Heston brought a bucket (which he filled with dirt) and a toilet seat that he put on top of the bucket for my 3+ nightly potty runs. He is so sweet and thoughtful. It was so cold outside and it would have been miserable to go outside so much during the night. Dani thought that she was pretty big this trip. She tried to go off exploring the outdoors by herself a lot. She did a lot of tripping and getting dirty. That's what the mountains are for right! We played some fun softball with Hestons siblings and cousins. I played 1st base and had someone run for me since the base line consisted of some pretty rough terrain and there was a lot of tripping going on. At the end of our game it started getting very cloudy and misty and it rained a little bit but other then that we had beautiful weather all weekend. We had a church meeting as a family on Sunday. Hestons dad gave the lesson and we sang songs and had some other thoughts given. It was fun. Dani liked it a lot better then real church cause she got to walk around the fire and drink juice with grandma. Dani and Sophie got to take baths every night, unlike the rest of us who just had to pile the deodorant on and hope we didn't smell too disgusting. Dani loved the little bath in the trailer! We had to bundle our little bear up at night because it got really cold in our tent even with the heater. Dani loved the little puppy that Tara is holding. She would get all giddy when she saw it. It was a cute little pup! Dani entertained herself for long periods of time by opening and closing the trailer door and saying "hi" and "bye-bye". She thought that it was the greatest game ever! She fell asleep in the swing 3 different times. She wanted to go-go-go up there and I guess the swing had the trick of putting her to sleep. I tried to put her down for naps a couple of times in the tent and she could hear the other kids outside so she just kept saying "kids.....doing?" Let's just say she didn't end up going down for the naps. Dani loved to play in the "tractor". Every time that she spotted it she would start running over to it saying "tractor" She sat and played in it for a half an hour at a time. Grandma showed this rock that was covered with moss to Dani and she said "broccoli"!