Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Our little princess handed candy out to the kids when they came trunk-or-treating.

Heston and I were "crazy hair people" due to the fact that we really didn't have costumes and Melissa forced Heston to kind of dress up. (He took it off after about 10 min. he was worse than Dani with her princess hat!)

Sophie and Dani, the witch and the Princess. Dani was super excited to see Sophie at the party.

Dani kept "twinkling" sophie with her magic wand.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We got this crazy idea this weekend since Halloween is almost here and I have this built-in pumpkin. Hestons sister Tara used her painting skills on my belly. Dani came in and was very confused about what was going on. She kept pointing to my belly saying "pumpkin" then lifting her shirt up and saying"pumpkin". So Amanda and Louise painted her little pumpkin. She was really good at the start but then she got sick of it and started trying to get out of there. That would explain the black smeares on her pumpkin.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good view!

Dani is addicted to this movie called "signing time" It's a movie that teaches sign language. She asks for it all of the time. I put it on the other day for her and she ended up climbing in to the toy drawer and watching it with her head kinked. She was loving it! I moved her after a couple of minutes (and pictures).

Monday, October 15, 2007

Around the house

Dani is being the model for the spider bows that Amanda and I made for the boutique that we did on Saturday. We are getting excited for Halloween!

The other morning Dani was cracking us up. She was drinking out of the water faucet like Heston does after he brushes his teeth. Then she was putting his shoes on like he was and following him around trying to do everything that he did. Then when he put his hat on she kept saying "hat....Dani" so he gave her one of his hats to wear. He tried to get her to smile for the picture but she wasn't interested.

I have been putting books in Dani's crib lately because she likes to look at them before and after she goes to sleep. I found her the other day hugging her kitty cat as she slept - too cute!

More fun at the park!

Dani loves to eat popcorn on our way home from the park. She gets pretty excited about it.
She has down-graded her favorite slide from the biggest twisty slide to the littlest one. I hope she's not turning into a sissy.

Dani and Sophie are selling rocks and wood chips at their store. (When they are not fighting over them. As if there aren't 1000 of them on the ground!)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Fun stuff!

The other day I was cleaning the kitchen after breakfast and realized that Dani was being unusually quiet in the other room. When I finally found her she was playing in my underwear drawer. She had pulled every item out and put it over her head, around her neck. When she was done she tried to take them off and she couldn't so she got pretty mad.

Grandma and Papa came to visit last weekend and Grandma and Dani did some sewing. Dani loved it! She didn't want to get down, she kept saying "see it".

Monday, October 1, 2007

Daily joys!

Dani kept asking to swing this morning and it was totally cold oustide so I told her that we had to put socks on and she wanted to put socks on her bear. Then we put a hat on her... and her bear. Then her coat... we don't have a coat for her bear, she was a little bit upset about that but she got over it once she got in to the swing.
Yesterday after church Heston tried to take a little nap on the couch and Dani started playing "pile everything I can find on top of Dad" She emptied out his church bag and even went to the kitchen and pulled some bowls out of the cabinent. She thought that she was pretty funny! Her dad didn't get much of a nap.

Dani loves ot open and close our front door. She can be entertained for hours on end with this fun little game. She likes it when you knock on the door and she can let you in or out.

I put curlers in Danis hair the other day. She did pretty well with them for awhile and then she started pulling them out so her hair turned out a little frizzy. Maybe she is still too young for this primping stuff?

Dani was being very quiet the other day while she was playing and I found her with this opened can of play-doh when I went in to check on her. At least it wasn't on the carpet - this time.