Friday, August 28, 2009

Fourth of July!

We went to the parade with Grandma and Papa in the morning! Dani was super excited! watching the parade.
After the parade we headed up to the mountain. Heston's Aunt and Uncle have a cabin there where we had our family festivities! The girls got down and dirty! Their white shirts came home brown.
Serious business!
Baby play!
Abby biffed it on her face!
Fun Cookies!
Yummy food!
Happy baby and Grandma.
Abby loved the stairs in the cabin!
The little Rascals!
Grandpa and Grandma Howard.
Skinned up little face.
Cute Emmie!
Cute girl cousins!
Abby has been faking that she is asleep whenever we go to get her out of her car seat. She is such a joke-ster! She cracks us up!
She really was super tired.... so were the rest of us!
We went home, took baths, then headed to Grandma and Papa's house to do fireworks! Dani was very uncomfortable with the idea of holding fire! Abby was a little bit freaked out by it too but they both eventually "warmed" up to it.
We watched the Safford fireworks from a DISTANCE! Dani kept saying "I want to go over and see the "booms"!"

Princess Tea Party at Grandma's House!

Grandma invited the girls to her house for a "tea party" She told them that she wanted them to dress up in their princess dresses and that she was coming to pick them up! They were so excited! They watched a new princess movie that Grandma bought...... Then they colored on the new table that Grandma bought......
Then they had "tea" and cookies! They talked about it for weeks to follow!
And she even took pictures for the crazy picture - loving mom :)
Thank you Grandma! You are such a fun Grandma - our girls are so lucky!