Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had such a fun time with ALL of the Welkers and Tiffany and Branson over Memorial Day weekend!
When we got to the hotel we had to go and check the pool out! Dani was very excited since we had been bribing her with the pool for the last 2 weeks.
There was a beautiful golf course there at the Legacy Resort. The girls had fun playing on the green grass.
Papa took them for a little walk! He was trying to wear them out so that we could all get some sleep that night!
Abby loves to hold hair and suck her thumb. And Lacie hates to have her hair played with. What a trooper Lacie!
Dani watching Sesame street with Tara. She wasn't about to look at the camera.
Emmie giving smiles on the balcony.
Playing cards!
Uncle Branson.
Emily loves to cuddle!
Aunt Tiffany.
Yummy ice cream!
Bubbles and a church movie after church on Sunday.
Abby beating Papa at cards.
Nap time.
Bath time.
Cousin time.
Dani Was dying to go to Tiffany's house and see her new Turtle "Leo"! So we went to their house on Sunday night.
Emily sitting by her girl cousin who is coming in September! What a cute belly!
FUN AT THE POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abby wanted to hang out in the hot tub so Tiff was a trooper and hung with her there.
Dani is looking for a monster. Sam was putting his hand in through the filter earlier and pushing the lid up saying that it was a monster. Dani loves Monsters!
Branson and Sam in a hot game of chess!
Zonked on the table!
Amanda and Lillie.
Tired girl!
Happy Lillie.
Cute Emily.
Adorable Babies!
Abby is ready for her nap! Sucking her thumb and holding Grandma's hair.
She fell asleep. Napping on grandma's lap.
Dani loved these goggles even though they didn't fit her face at all.
Lillie didn't like the cold water!
Emily sleeping some more!
The guys took the three older girls home with them and let all of us girls do a little bit of shopping. Emily and Lillie were really good for us!
Our Happy little Emily!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Emily - 1 Week old!

It took me long enough to post these pictures but here they finally are. When Emily was 1 week old Amber Halverson took these pictures of her and the girls. She did an amazing job! She was so patient and worked so well with the little girls. Thank You Amber! You can visit her blog at: