Monday, March 29, 2010

The girls wore their Easter dresses on Sunday. Dani kept her gloves on for almost all of church. She thought that they were pretty cool. We are excited for Easter weekend where we get to relax and be uplifted while we watch conference :)
It was super windy!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break with our Daddy!

One of the perks with Heston's job is that he gets Spring Break off every year. We decided to just hang out this year and get some stuff done. He took the girls on a fun hike up in the hills by our house. They had a blast! The girls helped him do a bunch of yard work, went with him to Great Grandma and Grandpa's house while he worked on their shed for a couple of days, had picnics in the back yard, and played a ton! Happy St Patric's Day!
Heston's aunt and cousins were here visiting from Page so all of Heston's cousins got together at Heath and Timmi's house for a St. Patric's day Bar-B-Q. Girls! Girls! Girls!
The Tucson ZOO! Watching the monkeys - always entertaining!
The girls got to feed the Giraffe's. Look at that tongue!
Emily held the sunscreen the entire time.
Dani or "Dora" didn't really care about seeing any of the animals. She was more concerned about navigating with her map! As soon as we arrived to see one animal she was scooting us along to the next one on the map. It made the trip go pretty fast.
If you look close you can see the tigers stripes right above Dani's hand. We were right next to the sleeping Tiger. As we were talking about all of the animals on the way to the zoo Abby was very concerned that the Alligator and "pull-up Bear" would eat her. We assured her that they were all in cages and that they couldn't eat her. When she saw the tiger so close to us I think she was a little bit weary of sitting on the bar for a picture. She is a crack-up!
The girls went on a fun train ride around the park by the zoo. It was a pretty fun day until the 2 hour drive home with several moments where all 3 worn-out girls were screaming at us all at once! Gotta love road trips!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Emily's 1st Birthday!

Our little Emily turned one on March 11th! She is such a fun little baby. Here are some of our favorite thing about our little Emily;
  • She loves to be tickled, play hide and seek /peek-a-boo, play monster, and most of all she LOVES to crack up laughing!
  • She has the cutest crawl where she drags one leg behind her.
  • She is trying to learn how to walk but she's not quite there yet.
  • She climbs on anything that she can climb. (a little bit scary sometimes)
  • She loves to tag along with her big sisters and watch them and try to do everything that they do.
  • She says "dog" and points to the door every time that she sees a door and she gives who ever is holding her big "excited" eyes so that you cant resist taking her outside to see if there is a dog out there.
  • She dances every time that she hears music.
  • When you are holding her she will cock her head around until her face is right in front of yours and wait for you to look at her then she will give you a big smile!
  • She puckers up for kisses like no baby I have ever seen. She makes the cutest little fish lips and then gives a big smoochie smack. It is adorable!
  • She is a great sleeper (finally) and she goes down for naps and bed time without a peep.
  • She is a good eater.
  • She loves brushing her teeth.
  • She loves animals.
  • She hates wearing shoes.
  • She growls all of the time.
  • She is super cuddly!
  • She loves her momma.
  • She loves being outside in the sandbox and will hang out there for long periods of time being completely content.
  • She is a tiny little thing and she is as sweet and cute as they come.
Emily had several teachers who helped her learn how to eat frosting.
Emily wanted to feed her grandmas some of her delicious frosting.
She was worn out by the time it was time to open presents. those first birthdays can wear a girl out!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Grandma, Tiffany, and Sidney came to visit!

Grandma Colorado (who lives up in the sky if you ask Dani) came to see us for a couple of weeks. Tiffany, Sidney and Grandma came to our house for a couple of days then Grandma stayed with all three girls while Heston and I took Tiffany back and went to the temple and a baby shower. The girls had so much fun having family stay with us! Abby conned Grandma in to swing her even when it was cold outside. Dani played lots of games, read and hiked with grandma. They helped her bake in the kitchen and played monster a lot too. Emily and Abby got lots of cuddles too.
Abby loves little Sidney. She is so sweet with her! She always wants to hold and cuddle her. (See the video at the bottom of this post for an example of her sweetness)
Abby discovered Sidney's baby-soft hair and couldn't resist stroking it!
The "Pease" and "Welker" girls. Modest is the Hottest! Yeah that's right!
Abby and Grandma after their DATE! Grandma took Abby and Dani at separate times on special dates. They Loved it! They had a blast getting spoiled during some one-on-one time with Grandma Colorado!
Dani and Grandma after their DATE!
Grandma took the girls on several LONG hikes up in the hills by our house or in Dani's words "up the tallest mountain" They had so much fun! Thank you Grandma! You're the best! Ready to hike!!!!
We had so much fun with you Grandma Colorado! Thank you for everything!
(pause the music at the very bottom before watching)

Emily.... and our third set of tubes!

Well, as much as we tried to avoid having to put tubes in our little Emmies ears, sure enough after the fifth consecutive dose of antibiotics within a 3 month period...... we decided to just go for it! My mom came to visit and help us and she stayed with Dani and Abby so Heston and I could leave at 4:30 am to Tucson for the surgery. Little Emily did such a great job! She didn't cry once! My other 2 girls were very upset and crying when they woke up after the anesthesia wore off but Emily was just hanging out with and staring at the two nurses who were fighting over who got to hold her. They put the finger sensor on her little finger and Emily was totally bugged by it. She didn't stop fooling with it until she got that thing off! After the surgery we took Emily out to breakfast at IHOP. The Anesthesiologist told us not to feed her anything except for clear liquids for awhile in case her stomach was upset but when she saw that food she jumped for it and downed it! Needless to say, her stomach wasn't too upset :)