Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March madness! (warning.. extremely long post!)

We've had a fun month! Here are all of the random crazy things that happened with us.Our neighbors have this little "Cha-weenie" dog and it is the cutest thing ever. I am pretty surprised that it is still alive after coming to my house. It has gone for several rides in the swing, been pushed down the slide, gone for stroller rides, been attacked by Emily, been strangled by Abby, and been tug-of-war-ed by Dani and Abby numerous times. It's owner is always here reassuring me that the dog is fine and has been put through a lot worse by her 4 children. Abby LOVES this little dog. She thinks that it is her baby and she loves to rock it in our rocking chair and sing to it in her sweet little voice. Dani's favorite outfit. She would wear this skirt or this dress every day if she could. She usually begs me to wear them until I let her wear one of them. Best case scenario for her is when she gets to wear both of them together!
Abby totally got stuck in the dolls high chair the other day. I saw her trying to climb in for the 5th time and I told her not to but she did anyway. So when she screamed at me to get her out I let her sit in there and reflect on life for a little while. After a little while I came to rescue her and found this happy little face :)
Then she gave me a nice "cheese"
Abby loves to squeeze herself into little areas. She is a pretty funny kid!
Abby with some hair in her favorite position.
The Yellow Fellows!
The girls dressed up and enjoyed a nice picnic and visit to the doctor on mom and dad's bed.
Dani is in the "zone" she doesn't even know that Abby is borrowing her hair.
Little gymnast.
We miss you Bufford!
We were so sad to find out that our favorite "neighbors dog" who we named Bufford was hit by a car. She was the sweetest dog ever. She let my girls play and play with her and never even minded. The girls really miss her and ask about her often. We'll miss you old Buf!
Here is another one of our neighbors dogs. Unfortunately he chose to chill on my rugs that I had put out to be shaken when my girls decided that they needed to cover him with bowl-fulls of sand. He just laid there and let them. My rugs needed some extra shaking after that.
Abby is all "rev-ed" up for a Rhino ride with Grandma-Great!
Looks like an interesting movie!
Emily loves to help with the dishes.
Abby giving sisterly love!
Heston took these amazing rainbow pictures!
Sam and Lacie came and took Dani on a little horseback ride. Abby was sleeping when they came so she missed out. She just saw the pictures and was staring at them then she said "it's Abby's turn now?"
We did the letter "W" for playgroup this time. We stretched it a little bit and fed them "m&m" cookies but turned them upside down and called them "w&w" cookies. They're so dang cute! Cute little play group girls.
Emily is such a ham! Abby had to do it too because we were laughing at Emily.
Dani fell asleep like this.
Dani where is Abby????......... I really walked in to see this and Abby was just laying there being still underneath all of the junk that Dani piled on top of her. Oh, there she is!
Abby found a whole drawer full of HAIR!
Emily always sits with her feet pushed up against the tray while she eats.
Poor Abby was the first one of the family to get the "pukies". She fell asleep like this. Every time after she puked she would say "I burp all over". Poor baby!
Emily loves to climb on top of things! She thinks that she is so funny when she does it. Playing peek-a-boo. Abby trying to get Emily to do "so big"
Little panty girl.
This little baby LOVES to be outside! She will play in the sandbox for hours. This time I'm pretty sure that Abby helped her get extremely filthy dirty.
When I took her inside to get her cleaned up I felt her tummy and squished right in to a bean-bag full of sand! Her onesie was filled with sand! So i took her back outside and stripped her down.
Thanks again Abby, you cute little monster!
Little Lady!
Sleeping beauty!
Dani got in to my headbands. Pretty cute chicka!
Abby just finds any random place to crash down when she gets a feel of some good hair. As you can see, Abby couldn't care less about watching TV! Dani, on the other hand, would watch it all day if I let her.
Every time that we go over to Grandma Howard's house to visit her my girls think that the only way to get back home is by riding the "Rhino". Grandma usually gladly powers the machine up and takes them home the long way (through the hills). This time they gathered bunches of beautiful "flowers" for their mommy. They are the sweetest little girls. Thanks again Grandma Howard!
She went to the mail box with them too. (one of their favorite things to do)
Abby and Emily love working-out with their mom. Abby trys to do everything that I do (my favorite is her jumping jacks) while Emily on the other hand tries to inhibit my exercising by placing herself stratigically right under me or right on top of my belly when I'm trying to do sit-ups. They are such a joy these little munchkins!
Chillin' with some newly discovered hair.
Whenever I hear "momma wipe me!" being YELLED from the bathroom.... this is the cute little present that I walk in to see. It's actually a very handy position for the job.
Quite the messy eater! But oh-so-dang-cute!