Thursday, October 30, 2008

The BIG ultrasound!

We took the whole family with us yesterday to have our big ultrasound! Abby was dying to know if she is going to have a little brother or sister. Heston said that he didn't care but I think that he was kind of hoping to see some boy parts. Grandma and Papa came with us too because they have never seen an ultrasound before. (Heston is mostly just annoyed that I am taking a picture in the dr's office here:) And the ultrasound showed...........GIRL!!!! We are very excited to have 3 girls - 3yrs. old and under! I think that We will need to take a long vacation after we are done raising them through their teenage years! I am a little nervous about the tornado of emotions, hormones, and craziness that will be happening through those Jr. high and high school years. Until then, we will just enjoy having 3 little energy filled cuties. I am going to have lots of bows to make, I'd better get busy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

Tiffany invited us to come to Phoenix and spend the day with her. We signed up to be on the Sanoran Living Live news show for abc 15. We were in the studio audience and the girls were on the news in their costumes at the end of the show. Then we got free admission to the Zoo for the day. This is what Dani thought about being on live TV. She was very camera shy. She dodged every camera she saw - that didn't make her mom the happiest but she was still pretty dang cute! Abby loved Stephanie Sandovall (the newe caster) but then again, she loves everyone. Stephanie asked me to just stand in the picture after about the fifth time that I tried to get Dani to take a picture with her and she freaked out every time. Her face shows her delight. Dani has wanted to go on a merry-go-round for a long time. She had a blast and so did Abby. We watched the monkeys for a long time. There was a baby orangatang that was so funny to watch. Dani kept laughing and saying "look at that silly monkey"! After the Zoo we went back to Tiffany and Branson's. Dani loved playing with her Aunt and Uncle. Abby checked those chickens out. Then she swinged on the big swing by herself. Dani chased chickens all night and wore herself out. Aunt Tiffany read the girls books. We love you Aunt Tiffany. Thanks for the fun day!

Carving pumpkins

Dani had a lot of fun carving pumpkins with her Aunts last weekend. Show us your Jack-O-Lantern smile Abby! Dani did not want to stick her hand in the slimy seeds but she finally did with a little cookie bribe. Then she decided that she was much more comfortable using a spoon. Our cute little Pumpkins!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cotton pickin' time!

Dani had fun playing with Great-Grandpa's cotton. Abby had fun eating hand-full's of dirt. Aunt Tara and Lacie came to play in the cotton with us! Dani and I got to ride in the huge cotton picker with Great Grandpa and watch it pick the rows of cotton. Dani had a special seat right next to Great-Grandpa. She sat there still and watched the whole time. What an amazing couple! Still farming in their mid-80's! Abby took a nap while the rest of us played in the cotton. She cuddled with Papa when she woke up. Dani and Tara got covered in cotton! Tara and Lacie played Dani's favorite swinging game and threw her into the soft cotton. She loved it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big parade!

We went to the "fair weekend parade??" last friday. Abby loved watching all of the floats go by, she and I collected lots of the candy that they threw to us. I ate a ton of candy, Abby chewed holes in the packages and we saved a little bit to share with Dani. Dani got to ride on a rhino with Heston's cousins Houston and Halie and their daughter's Talley and Kiersten. Afterward she said "I waved to the people and I got a popcicle!" I think that she had fun.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Conference weekend

We had a fun, very productive, and uplifting Conference weekend. On Friday Dani and I went with Grandma up to Angle Orchard to pick apples. We had a fun picnic and then we picked 4 huge boxes of apples. Dani didn't really love picking apples but she liked driving the "tractor" with the boy who helped us. Abby learned how to climb this weekend! We had to block the TV with chairs because she kept changing the channel or turning the TV off on us. She discovered that she could get around our little barricade and have even more fun. Abby loves President Monson! Dani wanted to help with everything! She was so cute and determined to do everything that we were doing. She had to do it herself. And she did a really good job too. Abby helped Daddy shine his shoes. We made cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning and pigged out all through conference. Dani loved getting her hands dirty. We finished 35 jars of apple pie filling, 6 dehydrators of dried apples, and 3 huge pans of cinnamon rolls (that are all gone now) Abby decided that she was done having people spoon feed her and she is ready to do it herself!