Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Polar Express!!!!

We drove 5 1/2 hours each way to Flagstaff with all of the Welker family because Heston's parents got us all tickets to the......... Polar Express!

 We were having a hard time feeling the Christmas Spirit because we were so busy renovating our house but this snowy ride was the perfect solution to mend our spirits. We had Heston's parents and our three girls in the van with us and when we drove into this winter wonderland the van was completely silent except for the beautiful peaceful Christmas music that we had playing for a good 10-15 min. Even the little girls were mesmerized by the beauty of the view.  It was a Christmas Miracle!!!

 Our family at the TRAIN STATION!
 They had the cutest little village there and the girls loved walking around the little shops and trying to open the doors.

 With Grandma and Papa!

 Tara and Jarom with Emmy
 bundled up.

 We told Emily  and Lillie to give kisses and Emily gave us this adorable face!
 Watching for the North Pole!

 Waving to Santa!
Santa came on the train and gave the kids bells! Dani was very disturbed afterward because she didn't get to tell him what she wanted for Christmas.
 Lacie and Sam.
 Grandma and Papa.
 Drinking hot coacoa
 Nice Hest and Dustin! Nice chocolate face Abbs!
 Amanda and her girls.

 Family picture on the train.

 Cute Lills

 The Newlyweds!!!!

 Grandma and Dani dooski

 the sistas!
 Singing carols with goofy Papa.

 The whole fam!
 That wore Emmie out!

 The next day we got to have fun in our awesome hotel. They had a great breakfast and a swimming pool.
 The pool was very cold but that didn't bother the girls.

 Dani asked how much longer it was until the summer.
 We stopped at Taco bell on the way home and the girls thought that they were in heaven! overall it was a great trip. The girls were troopers for the back to back LONG TRIPS. We had a wonderful time with the family and the kids had a blast on the train and in the hotel. THANK YOU so much Grandma and Papa for an amazing Christmas Kick-Off!

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Lopez-kids said...

Yea!! I got my Welker fix! I am so glad that all is well! I was getting worries about you, and instead of being a good friend and calling you, I just stayed worried! lol! Life is too crazy, but now that I am done with school I have no more excuses! I will call you soon! I think you girls are so absolutely adorable! They are growing so fast! I think it is time for another one right?! :-) Miss you Melissa!!!