Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fun at the Carnival!

We had been getting Dani excited about the Carnival and using it to bribe her to do things for about 4 days. She was super excited about the Ferris wheel because she had seen them in a couple of her books and never been on one. We left Emily and Abby home with my sister and took Dani on a special date with mom, dad, grandma and grandpa.
These 2 little girls took Heston for the ride of his life! He wasn't planning on spinning the dragon but they spun it the entire time!
He felt a little queasy after the ride was over!
Dani had so much fun at the Carnival!

Dani's big accomplishment!

After Dani's Eye dilemma she had to take 14 days of adult doses of antibiotics. It was a very stressful task that brought her mom to tears several times. We had to open a capsule of Clindamycin 3 times a day and figure out how to get it down her little throat. After several attempts mixing it with chocolate syrup and discovering that we couldn't even taste a hint of chocolate syrup only the foul tasting medicine, we figured out our system......

First Dani would take one drink of strawberry soda then I would inject the medicine mixed with about 1/4 tsp. yogurt into the back of her throat and she would wash it down with the rest of the soda. After she took her medicine each time she would get 2 hershey kisses and a sticker for her chart. And yes this happened 3 times a day for 14 days! Grandma and Dad had to give it to her while I was in the hospital having Emily. She was a real champ and at the end of the long 14 days she got to unwrap the present that we had been bribing her with through the whole thing (A sleeping beauty doll). She is such a good little girl!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome Home Emily!

When we walked in the door from the hospital Dani had to check Emily out. She started by taking her socks off and looking at her little feet. She has been so sweet with the baby!
Giving Emily kisses.
Our first family picture.
Abby helped with Emily's first bath.
Great-Grandpa Howard came by to meet Emily.
Abby can't get enough of this baby! She gets excited every time she sees her and she just wants to love on her all day!
Cuddling with Dani in the morning.
Dani wanted to read a book to Emily.
More lovin' from Abby.
....and more
Grandpa Stahlecker flew down to see her too! And Aunt Tiffany came with him to spend the weekend with us!
Dani is feeding her care bear from her tummy and Abby is yanking my hair.
Emily is really happy to be with her sisters!
St. Patric's day!
Daddy's girls!
Grandma and Papa came home from their trip and hurried to see their newest grand daughter!

Hospital part II.

Dani and Abby came to see their new baby sister. They were not allowed in the room because of RSV season but Heston took them to our window to see her. Heston said that as they walked away Dani said " that was the cutest little tiny baby!" I got to go and see them in the waiting room. It was so much fun to see them. Abby got to tickle her ear with my hair and suck her thumb for a little while. She was in heaven!
Grandma Stahlecker jumped on a plane and got here the day that she was born! She slept with us the first night in the hospital. Then she stayed for a week and a half! Super Grandma saved me! Thank you mom!
Great Grandma Stayed at our house with Dani and Abby when we went to the hospital. She is such a champ! She took care of those little monsters for almost a whole day! She went to open our fridge to make them lunch and Dani said "Grandma, this is our house!"
Amanda came to visit and brought me a delicious strawbery-bananna shake! It really hit the spot!
Dustin came and brought Heston a couple of Burger King cheeseburgers! Thanks Dustin - You know how to make your brother happy!
Emily is scared to go home and leave the peaceful hospital where all babies are protected from their older siblings!