Friday, September 25, 2009

Play Group Letter "D"

We started doing a play group for Dani with 4 other little girls who are all within 4 months of eachother. Dani loves it and she calls it "school." We learned about the letter "D" at our house this time. It was so much fun! Abby loved joining in on the fun with the bigger girls................... Digging for D's! "D" is for Dog! Our neighbors dog must have known that it was "D" day because she came to visit us! "D" is for Dress-up! These little princessses are all "sleeping." "D" is for Doctor! "D" is for Dance.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sidney Faye Pease.

My sister Tiffany had her baby on September 11th. She is so cute! She's exactly 6 months younger than Emily - So Fun! Congrats Tiff and Branson!

Smothered with love!

Emily is so lucky to have two big sisters who love her so much!