Monday, November 8, 2010

Trick-or treat!!!

Dani got to dress up for her first Halloween party at Preschool! Here is our little carpool group all ready for the party!

Outside preschool.
Um... Mom...Why are you taking my picture in school??? Not cool.
 When we picked her up we went Trick-or treating at Dad's office.
 If it involves "nanny" (candy) count Emmie in!
 Our brave warrior!
 Our little monkey!

 Abby was playing in the garage where my Halloween boxes were. She came in wearing this costume. It is for a 3-6 month old baby! She stretched her arms out and said "look mom, it fits"
 A little snug!
 Cute little pumpkin!
All ready for the Trunk-or treat Halloween Party. Hot Daddy!
After trying 3 other costumes Abby chose the Lion costume for her final answer. Emily thought that she was a duck so she kept saying "kack-kack-kack!"
 Mulan's mother and her little cuties! Mulan, the Fierce Lion and the little Chick.
 Dani has loved the movie Mulan for the past couple of years. When she was 2 years old she would ask to watch Mulan daily. She used to always ask me to tie her hair back like Mulan when she turned into a boy. I was a little worried that she would try to cut her hair like Mulan did and destroy her mother's life. I was also kind of worried that she might have some cross dressing tendencies but with all of the princess and makeup infatuation, I think we're fine.
 Giving out Trunk-or-treats. Heston took the girls around while I finished giving candy out. He said that the girls would go up to the cars and get their candy and he would sit back with Emily but every time she would start growling at the people "nanny!...nanny!...nanny!" until they finally gave her some candy. She is not shy when it comes to getting what she wants!
 Dani with her Sunbeam teachers!
 The costume parade!!!
 Emmie chowing down. My children literally ate candy for dinner. They were serving hot dogs but ran out by the time we made it over to get some. I'm really surprised that we didn't have any puking.
We got back to Grandma's and the candy was dumped onto the ground for sorting (or eating)
Emily discovered the pile!
Then she decided that she needed to protect it!
 Halloween Day. We decided to be festive for church since we had orange and black church clothes.

 Dani was trying to help us take pictures so that she could hurry and get her candy.
 Emmie and Abby were not cooperating!

We finally got a good one after Heston stuffed Emilie's mouth full of popcorn!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pumpkin Time!!!

 My baby pumpkins
 Decorating pumpkins at the Harvest Festival.
The girls got their faces painted with pumpkins.

The girls played little games to win prizes.

They won vampire teeth!
Hanging out on the front porch of our new / old house.
 We went and carved pumpkins with the Larsons and Palmers. (A tradition that the Welkers and Larsons have had for many years)
 Carving pumpkins.

 Emily found the lid to a pumpkin and ran around the room yelling "li, li, li"
 She finally found the pumpkin that the lid belonged to and put it in it's place.

 Dani was so excited to bob for apples. We had been reading Halloween books about bobbing for apples and she has been begging me to try it. So she was extremely excited to go to this party.

 Abby was loving getting buried by the other kids.

 The girls got to go for a ride on the big vacuum cleaner.
 Emmie had to have a turn too.
 Then she wanted a turn getting buried.

 Trick or treat! The girls found some fun dress ups the other night and thought that they were pretty funny when they put them on!