Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lake trip with the Welkers

The champion tube riders!!!
(Amanda, Tara, and Melissa stayed on for a record breaking time and had the greatest crash landing as we all shot up srtaight into the air at the same time!)
Dani was quite the champ too, Jarom was whipping us around and she held on tight and didn't even cry! That's pretty impressive because the other two girls were bawling and I even felt like crying when Jarom whipped us and our little angles across those wakes!

Jarom let all of the girls help him drive the boat!
Tara put Abby to sleep and entertained us all with some great boat dancing!
Emily's "look"

Emmie conked out!
Dustin's awesome jump off of the log. (Nice photography Amanda!)
Sam showed us how it's done!
Sam shared his burrito with our little "bottomless-pit" Emily!

Check out that rainbow!!!
Emmie chugged the gatorade!
And made a huge sticky mess of herself. But it made her happy!
Concentrating hard!

Emily's favorite animal sound is a duck "quack" she spotted these little guys right off and started making her raspy "quack" sounds. She is so dang cute!
These two sat here and let the waves splash against their feet for quite awhile. Water is such a fascinating thing!

Abby had a blast on the boat. She was very obedient about keeping her life jacket on. She loved how it made her float.
She got a cup and went and scooped herself a big drink of water out of the lake! She was pretty confused when we all started freaking out and telling her not to drink it!
She was exhausted. She slept on the boat in this little nook for a good 45 min.
Dani was in HEAVEN the entire time that we were out on the lake! Every time that we stopped the boat to switch skiers or for any reason, we would hear a "splash" and that was Dani jumping into the lake to swim! She would run across the back of the boat and jump into the lake. She would also let Heston throw her as far as he could from the boat into the lake.  She had no fear!

Jarom, Heston and Sam were throwing this dead fish at all of us girls to try to freak us out. Dani shoveled it up and chucked it back at them.
This girl loves her daddy!
She kind of likes her mom too.
Dani and Sophie worked very hard making this sand castle with a mote around it, a private pool, and a bridge. Abby worked real hard trying to destroy it by sitting in the "swimming pool". I guess that she just really wanted to swim.
The constant wedgie! Poor girl was getting rubbed raw all day from the life jacket rope that went between her legs. She didn't complain about it once while we were out on the lake but that night there were MANY tears shed over the chaffed legs.
Dani with her favorite friend Sophie.

Papa went out for a swim with Dani.
Check out that HOT... boat :)
Papa and Lillie.
These two girls can't get enough of their Grandma Welker!
Sophie fell asleep on Grandma's lap.

Emily kept hiding under Heston's legs. She is a hoot!

Check out that 80's hair!!!! That's my man!
Tara and Jarom are the best boat trip hosts in the universe! We had a blast, and thanks to Jarom's mad boat driving skills.....

we survived the Saguaro Lake monsoon/hail storm of 2010!

Seriously, we were out in the middle of the lake when it hit. Emily and I got pelted ruthlessly with hail, she was screaming and crying. Waves rocked the boat uncontrollably. Louise was screaming for someone to get her a life jacket so that her and Lillie wouldn't drown if the boat tipped over. Every thing in the boat was drenched. We were all huddled under blankets for about 10 LONG minutes watching our lives and those of our dear children flash before our eyes! Heston gave me a reality check assuring me that we weren't in the ocean and these waves could not tip our boat over. Jarom remained calm until the sky cleared enough to where he could see a few feet in front of him. He made his way to the dock, with lightning flashing and thunder crashing, and safely delivered us all! What a lake trip!!!! Thanks again for everything Tara and Jarom. (our favorite newlywed couple :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Awesome August!

Dani started PRESCHOOL!

All of the "play group" girls are in her class!
On the second day she was so excited to go. She waited on the front step for Tia to pick her up.
Abby and Emmie wanted to join her. Emmie brought her breakfast porridge with her.
We discovered that Abbys face really swells up good when she gets bit by mosquito's.

Look at that sad little eye!
Emily loves to climb on anything and everything!
Lacie and Sam are living here right now while Sam does his last rotations for P.A. school. It has been so much fun to have them around. Lacie has been my "play date" friend when she watches Sophie and Lille. She has also helped me out so much by watching my kids here and there when I need her. This picture is from when they came and took the girls for a ride to the park so that I could get the Primary program parts all sorted out. Thank you Lacie and Sam!!!

Heston is training these little ones young. Dani takes his shoes and socks off and rubs his feet when he gets home from work.
The girls love story time with daddy!
Abby's funny cold / scared face.
The crazy sleepers share a bed now. 
Emily is being a good model as Abby attempts to trace her body.
Morning TV and hair time!
Movie time. Seats don't get any better than that!