Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The last 3 months.

Can you see Abby buried in the huge mound of laundry???? That is pretty much how the last 3 months of my life have felt!
Every day seems to be filled with Dani doing things to Abby (like smothering her in a pile of clothes) to make her scream or cry. This usually happens right when I have just sat down to feed Emily or just as I take a dirty diaper off. I don't know why she gets such joy from the shrieking squeals of her sisters mouth but it has pretty much made her mother crazy!
Oh, and the pile of laundry.... that never seems to disappear - no matter how much washing, drying, and folding I do. Go figure!
Emily is three months old now! She is the best little baby. She is so happy and mellow. She has definitely added another factor to our lives. We now know how it feels to be "outnumbered!" I just wish that I had three arms so that I could hold all three of them when they are all crying. Dani spilled the entire water cooler trying to get a cup of water................
That was right after Abby painted her face, clothes and a chair with my foundation. (I didn't get a picture because I was already late so I was trying to hurry and get her changed and cleaned up) After I got Abby cleaned and changed and was trying to clean the chair....Dani yells from the kitchen "uh-oh Abby spilled her milk!" I then go into the kitchen to find Abby, in her new clean shirt, laying on her stomach, splashing around in the puddle of milk! As I was cleaning the milk up sweet little Dani was trying to fill her sisters cup up with water and KABANG!!!
By that time we were already late and I was about to say "forget it!" we're not going! But Dani was looking forward to going and she was trying to be so helpful so I just bucked - up and we went late. This was my first attempt to go somewhere with all 3 of my little girls. And the beginning of me being late EVERYWHERE that I have attempted to go thus far!
Watching a movie with Em.
Abby fell asleep with a bag of chips in her hand on the way home from the pool. Dani, on the other hand is not about to go to sleep - unfortunately for their tired mom.
One day's harvest from the garden! These girls are in tomato - heaven!
Making a father's day gift.
Abby has officially named Grandma Howard "Grandma Rhino". Every time she sees Grandma she takes her hand, leads her to the door and says "rhino"! My girls love Grandma Howard!
We have 2 new pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The neighbors dog Molly comes to visit us quite often because we feed her left over steak, hot dogs and other meat. She visits at least once a day. The girls love Molly and we even invite her into our yard for some "running around in the grass with the kids time". Then we send her home. She is the best pet that I could ever ask for!
We also have a cute little bat who likes to sleep by our front door. At night it likes to hang out there and eat the bugs that swarm around our porch light. Dani loves to go outside and peek at our bat before she goes to sleep at night. I could do with out this pet. He's a little creepy but he is also very low-maintenance. Heston taught Dani how to suction one of their bath toys to her body. The other day she came running in to me with it suctioned to her bum saying I have a "hener-oid" I wonder who put her up to that?
We had a picnic in our grass that Daddy has grown for us! The girls love to play in our little yard.
Dani loves to put her toys in rows. I am constantly finding little arrangements like this one.
Notice that she has taken all of my clean wash cloths out of the drawer to wrap her sleeping animals in. Mostly because I need some more laundry to wash. Another row of toys. These aren't sleeping.
These ones are fast asleep under the 10 wash cloths!!!!! Oh, and Emily is so cute when she splashes in the tub. She loves her baths where she gets to view the different arrangements of toys that her sisters have left for her. Splashing in the rain puddles.
The girls favorite place to "chill". I have to tell them to get out and shut the fridge all of the time! WHY???
One of Dani's favorite things to do is to open the fridge and take what ever she wants out of it. The other day she had made cookie dough with me and I put the dough in a container in the fridge. I noticed her open the fridge and I said "Dani, no more cookie dough" she didn't respond so I said "Dani, shut the fridge right now!" there was a pause then a "grunt" she slammed the door and said "I'm not a Child!!!"
matching pj's.
This girl strips down any chance she gets!
Abby is loosing her britches!!!!!!
Hand full of Whipping cream! We don't even ask....the guy loves that fluffy stuff!
Story time picnic.
Heston found a horny toad! The girls were thrilled!

A "crazy picture-taking mom" + 3 cute little girls = TONS of pictures!

Holding Tiffany's turtle.
Dani and Sophie went outside to run through the sprinklers. They decided to roll in the sand and dump it in each other's wet hair instead. Dani loves to read with Grandma!
Dani is super excited to make cookies with aunt Tiffany!
Dani showing off her homemade hat.
In a fierce pillow fight with her dad.
A rhino ride with Grandma Howard and Sophie.
Trying to be like dad! Reading on the pot.
Pushing her babies around in the bassinet. (one is real)
Dani fell asleep like this.
On the Rhino with Papa.
Playing games at Story time.
She threw the ring on to the bottle! Everybody was impressed. I'm pretty sure that she is "gifted!"
Cool shades!
Riding bare back!
Her sister taught her how to eat tomatoes.
Happy to get dirty doing crafts!
Abby got bit by a boy!
Always trying shoes on!
Dani thought Abby was hungry so she pulled a pound of tukey meat out of the fridge and put it on her tray.
Permanent marker everywhere!
Taking a walk in daddy's shoes.
Always climbing.
Loves water.
Starting to use the potty.
She's so cute and squishy!
Laying down by her cousin.
Poking her toes through the blanket that Dani put on her.
She's a stomach sleeper!
With cousin Lillie.
Holding her pacifier in while she sleeps.
More smiles!
"Don't look at me!"