Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nifty November

 Breakfast time with Sidney. Awesome hair Abbs!

 Cute little babies!
Aunt Tara has some great hair doesn't she Abby?
FUNNY STORY - Well, it's funny now but it wasn't really funny when it happened. I have nicknamed Abby the "silent destroyer". She has a hard time falling asleep at night and that is when she looks for destructive things to do. One night I went in to find her peacefully asleep with a pen in her hand like she fell asleep writing but there weren't any pen marks on the page that she had opened so I put the book away and tucked her in. Well, the next morning I found another book that had pen scribbled on every page. And then another book and another. I was pretty ticked. 

That wasn't quite as bad as the time when an hour after I had put her to bed I found her naked in the other room and she hid very quickly from me. When I went and got her I found that she had colored her whole mid-section and legs with a pen and was trying to wipe it off. Then when I took her into her room I found the pillowcase that was scribbled all over and an entire wall that had been artistically inked. Lets just say that kid was scrubbing walls for several hours. Note to self... Keep anything that writes, draws, or colors out of Abby's reach!
 BOX FUN!!!!!!

 Watching movies in boxes.
 Abby fell asleep in her box bed.
 Eating lunch in the box house.
The sister Missionaries and my friend Becky came and helped me pack my kitchen up. I love the sisters! And thank heavens for all of my good friends and family who smothered me with love and helped me so much!

 Dani labeled most of the boxes for me. Good practice for writing letters. Abby scribbled on them. (I probably shouldn't have encouraged the scribbling but I was desperate for entertainment)
 Tiffany came and helped me pack! Thanks Tiff! You are the best sister :)

Amanda and Lacie helped me SOOO much by taking the girls and entertaining them while I packed.

 These girls decided to dig into our supply of swimming suits and leotards so that they could dance along with the Barbie Nutcracker movie.

 Don't think that they checked the sizes. Pretty cute though!
 The little white kitten. (The Blessing sent from above!) This kitty showed up at our front door one day and provided my children with hours of entertainment. I really thought several times to myself as I was packing without interruption that this kitty was a blessing especially for me. It really was an adorable kitty. It left the day that we left to Colorado and never showed up again but for those 2 weeks it was part of our family.

The kitty loved the girls. Whenever the girls were not outside playing with him he ould climb up our screen door over and over while he cried for them.

 Dani spent a whole afternoon trying to make a comfortable house for the kitty. She even provided him with a fly swatter. This girl doesn't mess around!

 Emmie didn't quite know how to be gentle with the kitty but he still stuck around.

 OUR LITTLE MONKEY! This girl loves to climb!

 Silly praying face. She thinks that she's tricky as she peeks out of one eye.
Those eyes are definitely closed!
So cute!
 Bundling up! These girls are really into winter accessories!

 This was so sweet. Emily kept going to Dani whenever she would get sad or hurt and Dani would give her loves.
 Movie position! Dani is totally forcing a smile because she completely zones when a movie is on.

 Rhino ride time!

 Aunt Lacie is the queen of Rhino rides!
 Bundled up!


A little house for little people.

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Carol said...

i love the new picture of the girls at the top. ok i am not sure if i should laugh or be sad about the silent destroyer - i could see how it could be so frustrating but she is so dang cute in the pics - how can you get mad at her?