Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Abby's 1st BIRTHDAY!

Our little Abby turned 1 year old on Nov. 14th! She had quite the kickin' party at Great Grandma Howard's house. She had plenty of one-on-one time with her birthday cake and she loved every minute of it! She took a little break to suck her thumb that was covered with frosting and you may notice in the above picture that she even started to dig in with her feet! She was in HEAVEN!
Dani and Sophie had a special cake that great Grandma made. They really enjoyed Abby's party too!
Abby was fascinated by the fire on the candles. She really wanted to touch it!
Papa and Abby!
Abby helped Grandma blow her candles out. She kept blowing for awhile after they were already blown out. Blowing on things is her new favorite trick.
Dani had to be in charge of the gift opening. She thought that all of the presents were for her.
Abby trying out her new dollies bottle.
Great Grandpa Howard. Great Grandma Howard.


Turleyfam said...

What a fun cake for an adorable little girl. Love your new background by the way.

The Haban Family said...

How FUN! I love the family picture you have as your heading - you guys look great!

Hey - are you guys still looking for some place to rent?? I will have to talk to you at church on Sunday - I may have a place for you if you are!! :D

Maranda Whittle said...

Happy Birthday to my son's 1st kiss! She is seriously soooo cute!!