Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Colorado Cousin Time! (the mile long post)

The three little cousins had a blast together. We thought that Mikey and Anna would teach Abby how to walk but she is still working at it. She would much rather speed crawl. Dani's favorite spot to watch movies at Grandma's house was sitting on the coffee table right in front of the TV totally zoned in to the show! Grandma had a lot of movies that she had never seen.
The kids all had a fun slumber party at Grandma and Grandpa's!
Uncle Nate with Kate and Mikey.
Abby and Anna exploring the back yard.
We went swimming at a fun in-door pool. The kids had a blast splashing around together and the mom's (and uncle Nate) were exhausted after it was all over!
We stayed out at Shonn and Ticia's for a couple of days. The girls had a blast playing with all of the cousins. We enjoyed a beautiful day going for a walk and playing outside.
Kissing Cousins!!! Abby is going in for a big kiss and Anna is not so sure about it.
Abby got sick and she had some pretty cranky times. Poor baby had a bad ear infection and she was cutting teeth, puking, coughing, and had a runny nose at the same time.
The kids had a blast sliding down Grandpa and Grandma's stairs! Aunt Tiffany got the slippery sleeping bags out for them to slide down in. What a rush!
Abby shared sometimes. "Here is my sippy cup so you can get sick too Mikey!"
Tyson was always equipped with a "monster fighting hanger" hooked onto his back. He is the most hilarious kid ever!
Guy talk!
Dani and Kate played a lot. Kate loved having another girl to play with even if she was a couple of years younger.
My cousin Lisa and her sweet kids came over for the day and the kids had a ton of fun playing together. Dani watching TV with uncle Branson.
Abby and Anna's favorite place to hang out. Abby mastered the stairs while we were there.
Abby is doing her favorite thing; holding mommy's hair and sucking her thumb. She only sucks her thumb when she is holding hair and the minute she finds some hair to hold her thumb goes in her little mouth! She is so sweet and cuddley. Dani is also doing her favorite thing; watching a movie!
Aunt Tiffany took care of all of her little nieces and nephews. Unfortunately they passed their sickness on to her so she could enjoy it when she went back home.

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