Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fun in the Colorado Snow!

The night that it started snowing Dani about went crazy because she was dying to go play in it. So being the nice mom that I am (sometimes) I got her bundled up and took her out for a little bit of fun.
eating the snow was her favorite thing to do.
Heston shoveled the driveway.
Shonn and ticia and their kids made the snowman in Grandpa and Grandma's back yard and then we decorated it. Branson gave it some cool ears.
The newly-wed's and Mr. snowman! Awww, aren't they cute!
Dani put the nose on with her Daddy.
I had to get a picture of the girls in front of the snowman before it melted the next day. Abby was not very happy to be put down in the snow! Thanks for the cute hats, mittens and coats Em!

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Lopez-kids said...

Adorable! Even if they only get to wear them once this year, they were so flippin' cute! :-) They are selling them again this year at Children's Place. I will let you know when the after season clearance starts! ;-) I miss you! I called you back the other day, but it was busy. I will call you again soon! Love ya and your adorable family (even the belly)!!!