Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday to Heston!

Heston always gets 2 birthday "cakes" for his birthday. He doesn't really like cake at all so he told me that he wants stuffed mushrooms instead of cake because he is crazy about those greasy things! So since I (and everyone else) want some kind of dessert that is sweet, I also make him an oreo ice cream cake - because he likes that. We had fun celebrating him. I love this guy so much! He is the best husband in the world and the best dad that a kid could ever ask for!
Heston and Branson re-did my parents fireplace for them for an early Christmas present. It turned out really nice but I never got a final picture.


Maranda Whittle said...

Wow, lots of pictures!!! I think that's awesome that Heston wanted stuffed mushrooms instead of cake. I love those things! Glad you got to go back home and have a happy thanksgiving!

Sharr said...

okay, seriously?? you are the best WIFE in the world! you're putting the rest of us to shame little missy!! lol...

i hate reading your blog! lol... it makes me miss you so much!

i need you to email me your new address so i can theoretically mail you a christmas card i haven't made yet lol :o)