Monday, November 1, 2010

Splendous september!

Apples! Apples! Apples! Dani and Sophie helped me dehydrate a bunch of apples. They were learning about Fall and apples in pre-school that week so we practiced their "apple" poem while we worked. Dani held up one of the sliced apple circles and said "Mom! my teacher told us to be on the look-out for "C's" and here is a "C"!!!
Lillie and Emily set up some chairs so that they could watch the apple action.

 Emily tried to dress herself. She is ticked because she wants her "ba-ba" (pacifier) that is in her bed and she can't reach it.

We have had tons of frogs around our house. Dani and Abby found a little frog one night and they put it in the plastic swimming pool. The next afternoon they went outside (Abby was in her panties somehow) and I heard Abby yelling "mom, I found a frog!" I went out to find her holding a rock-hard frog that had been cooked in the sun in our dry swimming pool! She really didn't seem to notice.
Dani is such a sweet sister to let Abby hold her hair while they watch a movie.
Dani and Abby kept turning their play car over onto it's side and I kept having to pick it up finally I realized what they were doing. They were playing "speed boat"! They attached a rope and a hanger to hold on to. Then they would yell "HIT IT!"
Abby is wearing the water ski's (volleyball knee pads)
Lacie came over and helped me get rid of half of the clothes in my closet. We had fun dressing up and the girls had fun messing up the house while we did it.

Abby found the Daniel Boone raccoon hat and enjoyed a good thumb suck / ear tickle session.
How do my girls always end up naked??? We had better get a grip on that really soon here!
The naked artist!
She still thinks that sitting in the doll high chair looks really fun for some reason.

Isn't that a cute frog!??? This girl LOVES little creatures!

Emily found the one mud puddle in Grandma and Papa's back yard.

The girls are taking Papa on a walk!
Chocolate Ice cream.

Water day with Aunt Lacie! Lacie has been babysitting Sophie and Lillie and we have had a blast playing with all of them! The girls had a ton of fun playing in the water at grandma's house.

Not a fan of the swimming suit.

Mud Monsters!
Playing in the mud.

Hiding in Grandma's curtains.
Dani and Sophie started soccer. In the first game they were pretty clueless about anything that was going on. I'm pretty sure that they didn't even realize that there were lines around the field. They just wanted to play with each other and hold hands. We had to have a big talk about how there is
no holding hands in soccer!
Little book worms.
Emily found some fun powder to play with. These messes are my favorite because I really get bored and need things to do like cleaning up baby powder to fill up all of my spare time. Good thing that she's so cute!!!

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CUTE picts Meliss. I love those girls of yours, they are so squeezable!