Monday, November 1, 2010

Outrageous October

Breakfast Time!

These girls love to cook play dough meals!
 Emily came out of the girls room dressed like this! She's totally yelling at our neighbors dog here. Her favorite thing to yell is "NO NO Daw Daw!" Translation= no no Dog!

 Sunday naps.

 Uncle Jarom caught three little monsters!

Caught ya! Abby caught Sam while he was down!
 Give me some Cheese Dani!
 Movie time at Grandma's.

 Our girls got to play with the Whittle boys every day for a week. Abby and cash were super fun together.

 I caught them both in the one-person car and Cash was just sitting there letting Abby feel his hair while she sucked her thumb.

 Abby got into the SUGAR bucket and had a hay day! Who knows how much she ate but she sure managed to get it EVERYWHERE!
 The girls top choice of family night treats is..... CHOCOLATE PUDDING! That sure makes their mom happy.

 Tiffany, Branson, and Sidney came for conference weekend! The girls had so much fun with baby Sidney. She is such a doll! She kept these goggles on for a long time and she was cracking us up!

Dani set all of the adults up with foot rests while we watched conference. Then she got the camera and took this picture of us. She is such a busy little helper.

 Dani got a little frustrated when Sidney wanted to eat the candy land cards instead of play the right way.
 Aunt Melissa tortured Sidney by giving her her first piggy tails. She looked pretty stinking cute with them though.

 The girls wanted to eat their hot cereal out in the cool crisp fall air so they made themselves this little bar to eat at.
 Our friend Sarah came over to visit and Abby wedged herself into the couch cushion to create the perfect hair twirling / thumb sucking position.
 We went to the "fair" parade with Grandma Welker. The girls had a blast getting the candy.
 Soccer has been quite a joy for the Welker family. We have been trying to convince Dani that she likes to play soccer but it's not really working. She would much rather sit on the sidelines playing in the grass with Sophie than play in the game. I will say one thing though, she has really got the warm ups mastered. I'm just glad that she can finally do jumping jacks (or as Abby would say "apple jacks")

 Heston, Dustin, Sam, and Dad went hunting on Friday. They said that there were more deer than they had ever seen. Heston shot this buckaroo while he was running. Nice shot Hest!! Way to bring home the jerky!



I Love looking at all your pictures!! Love the picture of Emily when she dressed herself. HA HA. So funny. I need to see Halloween costumes!!

Maranda Whittle said...

Cash saw these pics and said that he wants to go back to your house. (I'm sure your sick of them!! )The boys loved it over there. Cash looks so comfortable laying on your couch!! It's fun to see pics of them while I was miles and miles away, thanks!!