Sunday, November 7, 2010

Short / LONG trip to Colorado and Nebraska

Emily and I took a last minute trip to Nebraska for my Grandpa's funeral.

 Our trip started out by driving 2 1/2 hours to Branson and Tiff's house in Queen Creek on Sunday night. The next morning we woke up at 3:30 in order to get to the airport by 5:00am so that we could try to catch the 6:15 flight to Salt Lake. Since we had to get our tickets at the last minute my mom got us buddy passes because she works at Delta. The only problem is that we had to fly standby and Delta doesn't have a direct flight to Colorado so we had to go through SLC. After several missed flights we flew into the Denver airport at about 3:30pm. Nate came to pick us up with his boys all loaded ad the car packed to drive 7 hours to Nebraska.
The Three Hour Tour
So we packed the 3 car seats in the back of their car and hit the road. After about an hour and a half of driving the car started thumping, shaking and sounding very much like it was about to blow up. We made it to a tiny town and tried to find an auto shop but were very unsuccessful. So we went to a hamburger shop and ate while we contemplated what to do. We finally decided to try to drive 2 hours back to Nate's house and take a different car in the morning. So we did., and thanks to some prayers we made it safely home. I was secretly happy about this change in plans because waiting at home for us was this.....
My sweet little baby nephew Ryan who I was dying to meet!!! I was so tired but that didn't stop me from holding him all night until I finally fed him a bottle and put him to bed at 2:00am. He is so precious and I love him, love him, love him! The next morning I knew that I would have my only chance to take a picture of Emmie in her little witch shirt by Nate and Monica's GIGANTIC PUMPKINS that they grew in their garden! The sun was a little too bright but we got a picture anyhow.

 Emmie with her monster cousins who entertained her, shared snacks with her, ticked her off, sang to her, played peek-a-boo with her, and slept by her for a good 17 hours of driving.
 We got to Nebraska right as my Grandpa's viewing was starting. Luckily it was completely acceptable to attend wearing casual attire (even though I still felt like Emily's witch shirt was not very appropriate but our bag was buried behind everything so we didn't change it)
 The kids played red rover and ran around outside.
 Then we all headed back to Grandma's house for dinner. It was a beautiful night. I was glad that I got to be in this beautiful place that holds so many childhood memories for me even if it was only for one night.
 My brothers saw 2 muskrats in Grandma and Grandpa's pond so they attempted to shoot them because the little critters burrow into the dike and destroy it :)
 Nate has the special touch with the babies. They just love to snuggle with him till they fall asleep.
 It was Ellie's birthday so we had a little party.
 Grandma fed Mikey some cake.
 Grandpa and Anna.
 Handsome Mikey at the funeral.
 Tyson was happy that there were cookies!
 Cute little cousins. Emily and Sidney.
Cute Kate.

Handsome Isaac!
 Anna. She kept asking me where Abby was and then saying "I miss her, she's my best friend."

 Sweet Sophia.

 Little Sidney did not feel like being reverent during the funeral. She was on a roll! Tiffany had to take her out.
  It was a very neat and sobering graveside service. My grandma was presented a flag and given a heart warming thank you for my Grandpa's service to our country. My Grandpa was such a good man. He was an example to me and all who knew him. I love him so much.

 My brothers and cousins were the pallbearers.
 Little "Michael Gilbert" standing by Great Grandpa "Gilbert Stahlecker's" headstone.
 Kate and Shonn.
 Tiff and Sids.
 Emily was happy to be eating finally.
 Sidney threw herself on the ground for no apparent reason.
 The luncheon.
 Emily was being a little stinker through the whole trip. She would not let anyone hold her. every once in awhile a couple of people could get her to let them hold them but not very often. Ticia and Shonn kept trying to win her affection but were having no luck. Then we were all sitting there eating and Emily was roaming around and went right up to this guy that we had never met before and reached up for him to hold her. He picked her up and she snuggled up and laid her head on his shoulder for a good 5 minutes. When Ticia and Shonn saw this they were floored.

 After the luncheon we got to pack back into the car and drive another 7 hours home. But guess who was waiting for me again???

 I stayed up with him again and gave him his 1:30am bottle. I really just couldn't get enough of this sweet little baby.
 Ryan with his AMAZING mommy Monica!
 I can't wait to see him again at Thanksgiving!!!!!
The next morning we flew on standby and were literally at the airport ALL DAY. Poor Emmie didn't get much of a nap at all. Then Branson picked us up at the airport in Phoenix and Emily slept for the entire 3 hour trip home!

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