Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pumpkin Time!!!

 My baby pumpkins
 Decorating pumpkins at the Harvest Festival.
The girls got their faces painted with pumpkins.

The girls played little games to win prizes.

They won vampire teeth!
Hanging out on the front porch of our new / old house.
 We went and carved pumpkins with the Larsons and Palmers. (A tradition that the Welkers and Larsons have had for many years)
 Carving pumpkins.

 Emily found the lid to a pumpkin and ran around the room yelling "li, li, li"
 She finally found the pumpkin that the lid belonged to and put it in it's place.

 Dani was so excited to bob for apples. We had been reading Halloween books about bobbing for apples and she has been begging me to try it. So she was extremely excited to go to this party.

 Abby was loving getting buried by the other kids.

 The girls got to go for a ride on the big vacuum cleaner.
 Emmie had to have a turn too.
 Then she wanted a turn getting buried.

 Trick or treat! The girls found some fun dress ups the other night and thought that they were pretty funny when they put them on!

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