Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch!!!

We went on a hay ride over to the pumpkin field to pick pumpkins.
Papa and Grandma with their 5 grand daughters.Sam and Lacie with Abby.
Our girls.
Tara with the girls!
The Welker Women!
Abby's getting tired and pouty - and oh so cute!
Dani got to cut her own pumpkin!
Going for rides in the pumpkin carts!
There was a huge tub of dried corn kernels. The girls had a blast playing in it! Dani and Abby decided that it would be fun to fill the back of Emily's shirt with corn.
Our little corn hunch-back
So stinking cute!
Tons of Sunflowers!
Abby getting a close-up look at the bee on the sunflower.


Kimberly said...

Cute pics. I can't believe how similar your girls all look. It's hard to tell your oldest two apart unless they are in the same picture. I love the one of Abby with just her face showing out of the corn. How come some of your pics don't open up bigger?

David and Tia Palmer said...

You got some GREAT pics Melissa! Your girls are so adorable all matching and cute! We must have missed the corn-that looks like a BLAST!

Luke & Erica said...

How fun! So I have never been to the pumpkin patch. Where is it exactly? I might have to try that this year!

charonfamily said...

So fun! I have never seen a real pumpkin patch... love it. Your girls are so very cute.

Wendi said...

Hello my name is Wendi (Welker) Sunderhaus. I found you on Marcy Turleys blog and couldn't help but notice the last name. Which Welker do you come from. My Dad is Dale, My Grandpa was Marvin, and My Great Grandpa we Elmer. Leave me a message at I am sure we are related somehow, and by the way, your family is darling!!! Go Welker's