Friday, October 9, 2009

Labor Day camping pictures.

Grandma took the girls on a treasure hunt! Go Lacie! Blowing bubbles with Grandma. Sam and Lacie. Roasting marshmallows. Abby loved playing "Shut Papa's head in the screen door" Getting dirty. Heston the "crazy face" and Tara the "homie" coloring cutie pie Chillin' in the tent. Snuggling with Tara by the fire. bundled up. Baths in the little tub! Dani sat and watched the men chop wood for about 20 min. straight. She was fascinated! Then the other girsl joined her to weatch the show. Tons of Swinging! Tons of Ranger Rides! Abby has been very in to having people sit on her lap lately. She will sit down and pat her lap and say "LAP ME" - that means sit on my lap. The KIDS table!


Luke & Erica said...

That looked like a total blast!! Have to be honest, I have never camped!

L said...

Hi Melissa, I found your blog through Crystal. Is that totally weird? I hope not. But I am loving these pictures. Can I just say Lacie Chopping wood is my favorite.

Luke & Erica said...

Just wanted to get the word out, I am starting a Hair Bow of the Month Club, if you are interested, check out my blog,