Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Potty-Training in Session!!!!

Abby is going on her 9th day of potty training! My mom (bless her) came down for a week and helped me more than I could ever imagine. She helped me organize and clean my house, she watched the girls while I got some things done that I have been trying to do for months, and she let Heston and I go out on a couple of dates! I feel like I have been re-energized! She was also determined to potty train Abby who is 22 months old. Abby is actually doing pretty well. She makes it most of the time. I've only had to throw away 1 pair of soiled panties so far so I think that we are doing pretty well:) I just hope that I can last through it! Thank you so much mom!


Luke & Erica said...

Those pictures don't even look like Abigail. She has gotten so big! Look how cute the baby is. Erynn is all over the place, she is cutting two teeth, and is just so sweet. What are we going to do with all these girlies?!

Sarah Pace said...

potty training already!! wow good job! I havn't even attempted with HAily and she is 26 months! I am to lazy i guess!

Amber H. said...

I agree with Erica, she looks SO big! You are brave to potty train so early, all my girls were 3, and it was SO much easier for me! I'm lazy, so don't like to worry about cleaning up the mess. Those pictures of her crack me up though! Good luck! I hope she keeps it up and learns quick!!! For your sake ;o)