Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Fair and Fair Parade!

The girls got to dress up in their princess apparel and ride on the float for Grandma Welker's work. The theme of the float was "Children... Graham County's Jewels" So they put all of their jewels on and waved to the crowds. They felt really big and important. It was really cute!
The Drivers.
Abby love this tiny little pony.
Emily loved the stroller ride and watching all of the people!
She took a little nap in the stroller through all of the loud band music.
the men stood in the shade to watch.
The women sat in the sun to watch. We waved at our little girls as they went by.
That night we went to the fair with Grandma and Papa. The camera took really fuzzy pictures but here is what we got! The girls had lots of fun looking at all of the animals They loved the cows and pigs. Papa got one of the pigs to snort in it's sleep - The girls thought that it was so funny!Emmie loved looking at the animals too!The girls went for a ride on the carousel. Abby kept saying "Ride da horsey! Ride da horsey! Giddy-up"! Abby was in heaven! And the main event for Dani was a Ferris Wheel ride with Grandma and Papa!

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