Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's cold outside!

This is a picture of Dani's favorite icicle. She checks on it every day. She always says "hold it" and she wants us to take her outside so she can touch it. Our whole back porch is a huge sheet of ice right now from all of the dripping icicles. Dani freaks out if we try to get her to walk on it.
When Dani gets tired of being locked up in the house with her boring mom she starts bringing me her hat then her shoes then her gloves and coat and so on. Hint - hint....lets go somewhere!


the Painters said...

dani is sooooo pretty! Miss you! How's being a momma of 2 girls? Hope you come visit soon. Would love to see you!

Jami said...

The "boring mom" comment made me laugh out loud. I too get the "hint, hint" stuff from Linkin or the, "Let's go somewhere, Mom!" whines from Brooklin and Kole. And I'm like, "Can't you see I'm busy typing on my blog?" HA HA. Just kidding. Well, not really. HA. :0)

And the icicles are so cool!!! Well, except for the slippery ice on the ground. It makes my butt hurt just thinking about it. :0)