Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The cousins last month living by eachother

Our little Snowmen.

Dani and Sophie got to live by each other for 1 year and now Dustin, Amanda, and Sophie have moved to Thatcher. We were so sad when they left! Dani and Sophie were the best little friends. Dani asked for Sophie daily and even though they faught a lot they loved to be together.
Taking care of the beaters.
Heston and Dustin's company Christmas party.

Sharing pie with Sophie

Bathing buddies.

At the ward Christmas party Dani shared her candy cane with everyone.

Watching a movie together. Good times!
Bundled up to go to the mail box.
The girls love it when we spin them around and around in the office chair. When we get them down they are a little tipsy. Sophie walked right into Danis crib after the first spin.
The girls played in the snow and when I brought them inside Dani said "Chocolate" which meant Hot Chocolate. They sat right down on the kitchen floor and started chugging it.
Dani and Sophie were both very frightened by Santa this year. If you would have seen him you would have been scared too. One of our friends dressed up in a $20 costume that he got at Walgreens and he wore sunglasses and was very loud. They didn't want to get near him. The tears were flowing that night until Dani was introduced to candy canes and then she was in heaven.


Hadley Family Clan! said...

Awww. What beautiful cousins! Dani and Sophie are so pretty in their matching dresses and I am sad they wont live by you. How exicting that you did get to have a year living by each other and the girls have had some great memories together and great cousin time too. By the way I LOVE your new blog title...wait I was quite surprised that it changed and you didn't even call me for help:) Great work girl! Happy New Year!

Mary Ann said...

that is so sweet. i wish you were moving here too. you both have such cute girls! now dustin, amanda and sophie are our neighbors! yeah! good luck with the move!

Welker said...

I love this post. Thanks for atributing it to the little Welker cousins. I am glad that they at least got to live by each other for a while. It was definitely a fun year for them and us!! We miss you tons and hope all is well. You know, you could always find a job here too!