Thursday, January 3, 2008

Abby's blessing

We blessed Abby on December 30th. It was a beautiful blessing and we were blessed to have a lot of family come to support us. My Mom and Dad were here for Christmas and Tiffany was too. Heston's Mom and Dad came and so did Grandma Howard, Dustin, Amanda, Sophie, Tara, Ben, Lacie, and Sam. Most of them stayed for New Years and we had so much fun with them.

Daddy's little girl!

Grandma Welker made Abbys beautiful blessing dress. What an amazing seamstress! It is beautiful!

Abby's special Great-Grandma.


Mary Ann said...

Abby is adorable and that dress really is AMAZING! Louise is so talented. Heston has such an awesome family! I love all the pictures. You look SO great! as always!!

Jami said...

Abby is already a boy lover! Minus the picture with Great Grandma, she's looking at all the men in her pictures. So cute! :0) And I was going to ask you where you got her dress. I can't believe it was MADE! WOW! I agree with Mary Ann too, you look WONDERFUL, but then again, you always do. Prego, the day after having a baby and a year later... You're beautiful, Melissa. :0)

Lopez-kids said...

Wow!! Those are the cutest little dresses on the cutest little girls! I love 'em! I can't wait to see them!!! We are going to Phoenix this weekend! I think you should come too! :-)