Thursday, January 3, 2008

Family time for the Holidays!


Lopez-kids said...

I am in love with your children! They are seriously as cute as my girls (and that is tough to find ;-))! It looks like you had a great Christmas and tons of fun (and help, which is always nice with a newborn)! I still need to come see you! We all got sick the week before Christmas so I didn't try to plan a trip, but I will have to talk to Seth and work something out! I will call you soon! I miss you and love you! Happy New Year!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

Oh my goodness I really can't stand how adorable Dani and Abby are. The pics of Abby all decked out in her ho ho ho outfit is so adorable. Your mom looks amazing and you do too. I loved all your pictures and you are quite the blogger these past few days:) Love ya girl and can't wait to see you soon and it's so fun chatting with you and the great laughs we have:)heehee!