Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Playing "catch-up! Conference weekend.

This cat invited it's self to live at Heston's parent's house I'm sure that he is having second thoughts after meeting my children! Luckily, it is a very nice cat who lets my girls play "doll" with him and do things like strap him into the swing.
The newly engaged couple!!!!! WOOHOO!
Lacie and Sam. Bringing us Welker cousin # 6 in January!! That is if we don't beat them to it. JOKING Heston... don't have a heart attack! We are so excited for the baby hobbit!
I can feel the love already!
I would be extremely safe in making the statement that Grandma Howard is Emily's favorite person. She will not even come to her own mom from this lady. The fact that every time she sees her there is some kind of sugary morsel dished over may have something to with this but nevertheless, Emily LOVES this lady. It is really sweet.
4 out of 5 couldn't quite make it through the second session of conference. They all have pretty good excuses if that helps. (pregnant, finals, engaged, engaged)
Dani caught this lizard on her own without any encouragement from anyone. She is pretty fearless when it comes to reptiles. Although I have trained her that snakes are NOT our friends!
The dog decided to pee all over Sam right before the priesthood session. Awesome!
The two little leprechauns.
bath time.
These two decided that they needed to be in on our pedicure party after their bath. Tara can't tell her nieces "NO" - That is why they love her so! Sorry that this isn't censored, I just thought that it was too funny to leave out.
Eating ice. YUM!

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