Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Awesome April!

This picture is a nice display of Dani's desire to have her picture taken. She loves to close her eyes, turn, and run when she sees the camera. Abby on the other hand is all about giving me a big "cheese!"
Dani did her own hair with my headbands. Cute!
Abby's got her dad's hair! Dani has been in to making the couches into beds lately. She gets every blanket that she can find and spreads them out all over the couches. She then adds the pillows and tries to recruit someone to sleep on them. She usually lucks out with either Heston or I.
The girls have been dying to go the Papa's work to see the school buses. So we set up a time with Papa to go and see them. He had little cups of popcorn waiting for them and they had the time of their lives opening and shutting the doors, beeping the horn, making the wipers go "swish - swish - swish," and playing hide and seek in the seats of the bus that was parked in the garage at his work. Thanks Papa. Oh the joys of cheap entertainment!
Emily LOVES the neighbors dogs. Our chicken wire/pallet white trash fence that Heston is super embarrassed of, was broken for awhile after Dani drove over it in the Ranger and almost killed herself. The broken fence allowed free roam of our back yard to ALL of the neighbor dogs! Emily had a blast playing with them every morning.
We took a trip to Queen Creek to my sister's house because my mom was in town. The girls picked these Poppy's along the road during one of the 6 potty stops. They gave them to Grandma when we got there.
Uncle Jake was the hit of the evening when he showed up on his little moped or "truck" as Abby called it. He took the girls on a ride and so did I. It was a fun little machine to drive!
This picture pretty much explains the love that Emily has for swimming! She was pretty ticked about being placed in that chilly water.
Her sisters on the other hand were thrilled to go swimming. Abby was shivering like crazy and still had a huge smile on her face!
Little Sidney's first time swimming! What a cute little happy baby! And would you look at those thighs!!!!
Pizza picnic with Grandma!!!
Uncle Branson made a slip and slide for the girls and set up their little swimming pool. They were in heaven once again.
Branson told Abby to go and stand up against the hot wall to warm up and she did it for quite awhile.

Emily is really in to kissing right now. Especially her daddy. She is also in to getting dirty with the dogs. I used to wonder why the bath tub was full of sand after their baths. I guess that this explains it. (Again, please do not judge us because we have a white trash back yard and make shift fence. We are just renting and needed a cheap solution to keeping our children contained. It's called "being creative.")

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