Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dani's BIG weekend!

Dani had her first Dental cleaning. I took her in to the office that I worked at before I had her and they took great care of the little champ. She did an awesome job. Mostly because she was hypnotized by the cartoons but nevertheless, she kept that mouth wide opened the whole time! And no cavities!
As you might recall from the post about Dani's birthday, She is obsessed with Dragons right now! She loves her daddy's "Puff the Magic Dragon" stories that he tells her almost nightly. We had been working Dani up for months telling her about the "How to train your Dragon" movie. Heston showed her the trailers for it and she was always confused about why we couldn't just watch it right then. Heston told her that is wasn't finished being made yet. Finally it was time to go see it and this little girl was SOO excited! Aunt Tiffany watched the babies so that Heston and I could both go with her. Thanks Tiff! And sorry again about Abby locking herself in the room with your baby and torturing her while you helplessly listened outside. She'll be a better person for it, I swear :)
The most animated picture I have ever gotten of the girl!
She kept reaching out in front of her trying to grab the characters. It was super cute!
The next day we went swimming at Lacie and Sam's pool. That is after we were treated to a delicious dinner the night before and a gourmet breakfast made by Sam that morning. Thanks for everything Sam and Lacie.

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Carol said...

i love how big the glasses are on her - super cute! sounds like she had a great time at the dentist and at the movie :)