Monday, March 15, 2010

Tiffany and Branson's house

We took my mom back to Mesa and we stayed at Tiffany and Branson's house for a couple of days. The girls had a blast dragging their Grandma to the park numerous times , playing with Leo the turtle, rolling around in Branson's beautiful lawn, playing with baby Sidney, building forts with Tiffany, playing in the rain, and hanging out and playing cards with Jake, Adam and Leah.Dani couldn't find her shoes and she really wanted to go out in the rain so she borrowed uncle Branson's.Grandma and Sidney.
Abby LOVED holding Emily in the stroller! She held her like this the whole way to and from the park.
Dani pushed her two sisters the entire way home from the park (with a little bit of help steering)
My girls love Leo the turtle. They would play with him all day if we let them. Poor Leo!
Abby LOVES baby Sidney! She was loving on her the entire time that we were there.
The two little cousins.
Tub full of girls!

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