Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break with our Daddy!

One of the perks with Heston's job is that he gets Spring Break off every year. We decided to just hang out this year and get some stuff done. He took the girls on a fun hike up in the hills by our house. They had a blast! The girls helped him do a bunch of yard work, went with him to Great Grandma and Grandpa's house while he worked on their shed for a couple of days, had picnics in the back yard, and played a ton! Happy St Patric's Day!
Heston's aunt and cousins were here visiting from Page so all of Heston's cousins got together at Heath and Timmi's house for a St. Patric's day Bar-B-Q. Girls! Girls! Girls!
The Tucson ZOO! Watching the monkeys - always entertaining!
The girls got to feed the Giraffe's. Look at that tongue!
Emily held the sunscreen the entire time.
Dani or "Dora" didn't really care about seeing any of the animals. She was more concerned about navigating with her map! As soon as we arrived to see one animal she was scooting us along to the next one on the map. It made the trip go pretty fast.
If you look close you can see the tigers stripes right above Dani's hand. We were right next to the sleeping Tiger. As we were talking about all of the animals on the way to the zoo Abby was very concerned that the Alligator and "pull-up Bear" would eat her. We assured her that they were all in cages and that they couldn't eat her. When she saw the tiger so close to us I think she was a little bit weary of sitting on the bar for a picture. She is a crack-up!
The girls went on a fun train ride around the park by the zoo. It was a pretty fun day until the 2 hour drive home with several moments where all 3 worn-out girls were screaming at us all at once! Gotta love road trips!


Maranda Whittle said...

Fun! We were going to go to the Tucson zoo a couple weeks ago, but we got rained out. And I was totally on top of the hill and saw you take that pic of Heston taking the girls out, haha!! You guys are all so cute in your green!!

Hadley Family Clan! said...

Fun!!! What a fun trip to the zoo and that Heston had spring break to spend with you and the girls. Their outfits are so flippin cute and I love how your able to match them. I remember when you bought those outfits:). You look amazing and what a cute fun family. I love how your all dressed in green for St. Patty's mean you didn't want to get pinched lol.

Anonymous said...

Cute clothes! Ok, you might have to tell me when and where you see some amazing deals on girls matching clothes, 'cause it's so fun! I'm so away from everything up here, but maybe I could get them online?

carol said...

those are great zoo pics and i love the matching outfits on all 3 girls - how fun!