Monday, March 15, 2010

Emily.... and our third set of tubes!

Well, as much as we tried to avoid having to put tubes in our little Emmies ears, sure enough after the fifth consecutive dose of antibiotics within a 3 month period...... we decided to just go for it! My mom came to visit and help us and she stayed with Dani and Abby so Heston and I could leave at 4:30 am to Tucson for the surgery. Little Emily did such a great job! She didn't cry once! My other 2 girls were very upset and crying when they woke up after the anesthesia wore off but Emily was just hanging out with and staring at the two nurses who were fighting over who got to hold her. They put the finger sensor on her little finger and Emily was totally bugged by it. She didn't stop fooling with it until she got that thing off! After the surgery we took Emily out to breakfast at IHOP. The Anesthesiologist told us not to feed her anything except for clear liquids for awhile in case her stomach was upset but when she saw that food she jumped for it and downed it! Needless to say, her stomach wasn't too upset :)

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